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gold-coloured cutlery
€35.53 cutlery.064.go

golden cutlery - 16 pieces

€17.30 cutlery.065.b

black salad servers


copper salad servers

€17.30 cutlery.065.go

golden salad servers

€17.30 cutlery.065.w

white salad servers

€14.57 cutlery.066.b

black soup ladle


copper soup ladle

€14.57 cutlery.066.go

golden soup ladle

€14.57 cutlery.066.w

white soup ladle

€13.40 cutlery.067.go

golden spoon

€13.40 cutlery.068.go

golden spaghetti spoon

€13.40 cutlery.069.go

golden meat fork

€15.95 cutlery.070.go

golden cake server

White enamel colander.
€14.10 enamel.003.001.b

white enamel colander

White enamel fruit bowl.
€14.10 enamel.003.002.b

white enamel dish - Ø 25cm

Black enamel fruit basket

black enamel dish - Ø 25cm

Caramel brown enamel colander.
€12.68 enamel.003.004.c

caramel enamel colander

Ivory white enamel colander.
€12.08 enamel.003.004.i

ivory enamel colander

White enamel skimmer.
€12.08 enamel.003.004.w

white enamel colander

White enamel coffee pot.
€15.19 enamel.004.b

white enamel coffee pot

Black enamel bowl
€6.03 enamel.007.010.b

black enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Light blue enamel bowl.

blue enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Caramel brown enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.c

caramel enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Green enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.dgr

green enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Ivory white enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Mint green enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.lgr

mint green enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Pastel pink enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.p

pink enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Red enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.r

red enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

White enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.w

white enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Mustard yellow enamel bowl.
€6.03 enamel.007.010.y

mustard enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

White enamel bowl.
€4.88 enamel.007.013.b

white enamel bowl - Ø 13cm

Black enamel bowl.

black enamel bowl - Ø 13cm

White enamel bowl.
€5.43 enamel.007.015.b

white enamel bowl - Ø 15cm

Black enamel bowl.

black enamel bowl - Ø 15cm

Black enamel bowl
€7.33 enamel.007.016.b

black enamel bowl - Ø 16cm

Light blue enamel bowl.

blue enamel bowl - Ø 16cm

Green enamel bowl.

green enamel bowl - Ø 16cm

Ivory white enamel bowl.
€7.33 enamel.007.016.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 16cm

Mint green enamel bowl.
€7.33 enamel.007.016.lgr

mint green enamel bowl - Ø 16cm

Pastel pink enamel bowl.
€7.33 enamel.007.016.p

pink enamel bowl - Ø 16cm

Red enamel bowl.
€7.33 enamel.007.016.r

red enamel bowl - Ø 16cm

Mustard yellow enamel bowl.
€7.33 enamel.007.016.y

enamel bowl Ø 16 cm - mustard

Black enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.b

black enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Light blue enamel bowl.

blue enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Caramel brown enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.c

caramel enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Green enamel bowl.

green enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Large ivory white enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Mint green enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.lgr

mint green enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Pastel pink enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.p

pink enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Red enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.r

red enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Large white enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.w

white enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Mustard yellow enamel bowl.
€11.78 enamel.007.020.y

mustard enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Black enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.b

black enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Light blue enamel bowl.

blue enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Caramel brown enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.c

caramel enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Green enamel bowl.

green enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Large ivory white enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Mint green enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.lgr

mint green enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Pastel pink enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.p

pink enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Red enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.r

red enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Large white enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.w

white enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Mustard yellow enamel bowl.
€20.11 enamel.007.028.y

mustard enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

White enamel plate.
€4.88 enamel.009.020.b

white enamel plate - Ø 20cm

White enamel plate.
€5.98 enamel.009.024.b

white enamel plate - Ø 24cm

Black enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.b.bis

black enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Light blue enamel deep plate.

blue enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Caramel brown enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.c

caramel enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Green enamel deep plate.

green enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Ivory white enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.i

ivory enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Mint green enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.lgr

mint green enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Pastel pink enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.p

pink enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Red enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.r

red enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

White enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.w

white enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Mustard yellow enamel deep plate.
€16.45 enamel.009.024.y

mustard enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Large white enamel plate.
€13.01 enamel.009.035.b

white enamel dish - Ø 35cm

White enamel baking dish
€15.19 enamel.010.018.b

white enamel baking dish - 18cm

Black enamel baking dish.

black enamel baking dish - 18cm

White enamel baking dish.
€19.53 enamel.010.022.b

white enamel baking dish - 23cm

Black enamel baking dish.

black enamel baking dish - 23cm

White enamel baking dish.
€31.46 enamel.010.034.b

white enamel baking dish - 35cm

Black enamel baking dish.

black enamel baking dish - 35cm

White enamelled ristretto cup.
€2.71 enamel.011.004.b

white enamel cup - 5cl

White enamelled espresso cup.
€3.25 enamel.011.005.b

white enamel cup - 10cl

Black enamelled espresso cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.b

black enamel cup - 25cl

Light blue enamelled cup.

blue enamel cup - 25cl

Caramel brown enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.c

caramel enamel cup - 25cl

Green enamelled cup.

enamel mug 25 cl - green

Ivory white enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.i

ivory enamel cup - 25cl

Ivory white enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.i.eol

ivory enamel cup - 25cl

Mint green enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.lgr

mint green enamel cup - 25cl

Pastel pink enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.p

pink enamel cup - 25cl

White enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.w

white enamel cup - 25cl

Mustard yellow enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.y

mustard enamel cup - 25cl

White enamelled cup.
€4.34 enamel.011.008.b

white enamel cup - 40cl

Black enamelled cup.

black enamel cup - 40cl

Light blue enamelled cup.

blue enamel cup - 40cl

Caramel brown enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.c

caramel enamel cup - 40cl

Green enamelled cup.

green enamel cup - 40cl

ivory white enamelled mug
€8.76 enamel.011.008.i

ivory enamel cup - 40cl

Mint green enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.lgr

mint green enamel cup - 40cl

Pastel pink enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.p

pink enamel cup - 40cl

yellow mustard enamel mug
€8.76 enamel.011.008.y

mustard enamel cup - 40cl

white enamel tumbler
€4.34 enamel.015.b

white enamel tumbler - 31 cl

Black enamelled tumbler.

black enamel tumbler - 31 cl

Black enamel teapot.
€26.61 enamel.017.001.b

black enamel teapot - 1l

Light blue enamel teapot

blue enamel teapot - 1l

Caramel brown enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.c

caramel enamel teapot - 1l

Green enamel teapot.

green enamel teapot - 1l

Ivory white enamel teapot.
€26.61 enamel.017.001.i

ivory enamel teapot - 1l

Mint green enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.lgr

mint green enamel teapot - 1l

Pastel pink enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.p

pink enamel teapot - 1l

Red enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.r

red enamel teapot - 1l

White enamel teapot.
€26.61 enamel.017.001.w

white enamel teapot - 1l

Mustard yellow enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.y

mustard enamel teapot - 1l

Black enamel kettle.
€31.54 enamel.017.002.b

black enamel kettle - 2.5l

Light blue enamel kettle

blue enamel kettle - 2.5l

Caramel brown enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.c

caramel enamel kettle - 2.5l

ivory white enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.i

ivory enamel kettle - 2.5l

Mint green enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.lgr

mint green enamel kettle - 2.5l

Pastel pink enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.p

pink enamel kettle - 2.5l

Red enamel kettle
€38.04 enamel.017.002.r

red enamel kettle - 2.5l

White enamel kettle.
€31.54 enamel.017.002.w

white enamel kettle - 2.5l

Mustard yellow enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.y

mustard enamel kettle - 2.5l

Black enamel cup with saucer.

black enamel cup with saucer

Black enamel pitcher.
€22.99 enamel.019.001.b

black enamel jug - 2.5l

Light blue enamel pitcher

blue enamel jug - 2.5l

Caramel brown enamel pitcher
€22.99 enamel.019.001.c

caramel enamel jug - 2.5l

Green enamel pitcher
€28.05 enamel.019.001.dgr

green enamel jug - 2.5l

Ivory white enamel pitcher
€22.99 enamel.019.001.i

ivory enamel jug - 2.5l

Mint green enamel pitcher
€22.99 enamel.019.001.lgr

mint green enamel jug - 2.5l

Pastel pink enamel pitcher
€22.99 enamel.019.001.p

pink enamel jug - 2.5l

Red enamel pitcher
€22.99 enamel.019.001.r

red enamel jug - 2.5l

White enamel pitcher.
€25.00 enamel.019.001.w

white enamel jug - 2.5l

Mustard yellow enamel pitcher
€22.99 enamel.019.001.y

mustard enamel jug - 2.5l

Black enamel pitcher.

black enamel jug

Pot with lid in white enamel.
€7.59 enamel.021.012.b

white enamel jar - Ø 12cm

White enamel utensil pot.
€9.76 enamel.021.015.b

white enamel jar - Ø 15cm

Black enamel utensil pot.
€23.06 enamel.021.015.b.bis

black enamel jar - Ø 11.5cm

Light blue enamel utensil pot.

blue enamel jar - Ø 11.5cm

Ivory white enamel utensil pot.
€23.06 enamel.021.015.i

ivory enamel jar - Ø 11.5cm

Mint green enamel utensil pot.
€23.06 enamel.021.015.lgr

mint green enamel jar - Ø 11.5cm

Mustard yellow enamel utensil pot.
€23.06 enamel.021.015.y

mustard enamel jar - Ø 11.5cm

White enamel tumbler.
€3.47 enamel.025.b

enamel tumbler 65 cl - white

enamel tumbler black

enamel tumbler 65 cl - black

Black enamel tray with rim.

black enamel dish - Ø 31.5cm

White enamel soup plate.
€6.51 enamel.029.020.b

white enamel deep plate - Ø 21cm

White enamel soup plate.
€5.43 enamel.029.022.b

white enamel deep plate - Ø 22cm

Black enamel basin.

black enamel basin - Ø 27.5cm

Black enamel jug.

black enamel pitcher - 2l

White enamel butter dish.
€15.19 enamel.034.b

white enamel butter dish

White enamel butter dish.
€13.01 enamel.035.b

white enamel butter dish

Black enamel salad bowl.
€42.46 enamel.036.040.b

black enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Light blue enamel salad bowl

blue enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Caramel brown enamel salad bowl
€42.46 enamel.036.040.c

caramel enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Green enamel salad bowl

green enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Ivory white enamel salad bowl
€42.46 enamel.036.040.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Mint green enamel salad bowl
€42.46 enamel.036.040.lgr

mint green enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Pastel pink enamel salad bowl
€42.46 enamel.036.040.p

pink enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Red enamel salad bowl
€42.46 enamel.036.040.r

red enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

White enamel salad bowl.
€42.46 enamel.036.040.w

white enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Mustard yellow enamel salad bowl
€42.46 enamel.036.040.y

mustard enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Small compost bin in black enamel.
Small compost bin in light blue enamel
Small compost bin in caramel brown enamel
Small compost bin in ivory white enamel
Small compost bin in mint green enamel
Small compost bin in pastel pink enamel
Small compost bin in red enamel
Small compost bin in white enamel.
Small compost bin in mustard yellow enamel
Tea set in black enamel.
€61.65 enamel.set.001.b

black enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in light blue enamel

blue enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in caramel brown enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.c

caramel enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in green enamel

green enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in ivory white enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.i

ivory enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in mint green enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.lgr

mint green enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in pastel pink enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.p

pink enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in white enamel.
€61.65 enamel.set.001.w

white enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in mustard yellow enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.y

mustard enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in light blue enamel

blue enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in caramel brown enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.c

caramel enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in green enamel

green enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in ivory white enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.i

ivory enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in mint green enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.lgr

mint green enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in pastel pink enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.p

pink enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in mustard yellow enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.y

mustard enamel coffee or tea set

€40.40 home.026

zig zag folding corkscrew

Laguiole folding corkscrew
€31.90 home.026.003

Laguiole folding corkscrew

natural horn measuring spoon
€14.88 kitchen.005.002

horn measuring spoon

natural horn spreading knife
€7.44 kitchen.005.006

horn butter knife

small multi-purpose horn egg cup containing a small  horn spoon
€20.81 kitchen.005.014

horn egg cup with spoon

natural horn cake server
€18.25 kitchen.005.017

horn cake server

natural horn salad servers
€36.25 kitchen.005.018

horn salad servers

japanese ceramic rasp
€17.80 kitchen.007.002

japanese ceramic rasp

€3.72 kitchen.014.001

6 Duralex Picardie glasses - 9 cl

€4.88 kitchen.014.002

6 Duralex Picardie glasses - 16 cl

€8.68 kitchen.014.003

6 Duralex Picardie glasses - 31 cl

€9.92 kitchen.014.004

6 Duralex Picardie glasses - 36cl

€16.44 kitchen.014.009

6 black Duralex glasses - 9 cl

€23.97 kitchen.016

retro kitchen scale - black

€23.97 kitchen.016.002

retro kitchen scale - red

€14.92 kitchen.023

old-fashioned ice cream scoop

€7.44 kitchen.029

fries and vegetable cutter

€4.13 kitchen.035.006

small porcelain butter dish

€3.31 kitchen.036.001

sugar shaker

€1.65 kitchen.036.002

sugar shaker

€12.60 kitchen.037.001

kitchen scissors

€60.33 kitchen.038.001

sharpening steel

€10.08 kitchen.044.008

porcelain egg cup

€21.42 kitchen.044.009

porcelain egg cup and salt shaker

€28.93 kitchen.044.010

3 glass egg cups

€2.06 kitchen.045.002

vintage pepper and salt shaker

€1.24 kitchen.045.004

pepper and/or salt shaker

€16.68 kitchen.045.006.

porcelain pepper and salt shaker

€19.68 kitchen.045.008.

porcelain pepper and salt shaker

€10.50 kitchen.045.010.

porcelain pepper and salt shaker

€25.10 kitchen.046.001

fruit peeler

€37.19 kitchen.052.001

two porcelain cookie plates

€4.09 kitchen.053

napkins dots

€37.19 kitchen.054.001

six porcelain napkin rings

€3.82 kitchen.054.002

porcelain napkin ring

€6.20 kitchen.055.001

porcelain mortar with pounder

€2.94 kitchen.058.001

toast tongs

€2.63 kitchen.061

S-shaped hook

€8.26 kitchen.063.001

drop stop

€2.06 kitchen.072

porcelain tumbler - 5 cl

€6.78 kitchen.086.001

lobster bib

€4.55 kitchen.088.001

lobster forks

€21.49 kitchen.088.003

seafood tool

Porcelain tray.
€30.63 kitchen.091

porcelain tray

White porcelain tumbler
€4.74 kitchen.092

white porcelain tumbler

€31.50 kitchen.093

porcelain citrus juicer

€6.61 kitchen.093.002

glass lemon Juicer

€65.29 kitchen.096

cut resistant glove

€47.82 kitchen.100

porcelain garlic/onion pot

€45.45 kitchen.101

porcelain salt box

Ceramic unicorn-shaped pitcher.
€20.96 kitchen.108

ceramic unicorn pitcher

€32.53 kitchen.109

ceramic pitcher

ceramic tumbler
€4.78 kitchen.110

ceramic tumbler

€119.58 kitchen.111

porcelain tableware

€12.10 kitchen.112.001

Madeleine pan

€4.91 kitchen.113.001

bamboo spoon

€4.13 kitchen.113.002

bamboo spatula

€3.80 kitchen.113.005

bamboo spoons - set of 3

€6.72 kitchen.114.001

baby's spoon & fork

€12.40 kitchen.115.001

bamboo bowl

€6.72 kitchen.116.001

2 bamboo spoons

€17.55 kitchen.117.001

insulated tumbler

€79.34 kitchen.123.001


€40.50 kitchen.126

set of 4 glasses

€13.75 kitchen.129.002

oyster knife

€12.17 kitchen.129.003

oyster knife with wooden holder

€19.00 kitchen.133.001

stainless steel colander

€4.94 kitchen.134.001

glass spice jars

€4.70 kitchen.138.001

coffee dispenser in boxwood

€20.83 kitchen.139.001

corkscrew knife

€25.00 kitchen.139.002

4 paring knives

€24.17 kitchen.139.004

bread knife

€25.00 kitchen.139.005

set of 4 knives 'the essentials'

€9.17 kitchen.139.006.r

Opinel peeler

€7.08 kitchen.139.007


€15.02 kitchen.145

fermenting basket

€18.80 kitchen.146

fermenting basket

€20.98 kitchen.148-

ceramic carafe

€16.89 kitchen.150.001

set of 3 stainless steel sieves

€3.55 kitchen.151.001

can and bottle opener

€2.83 kitchen.152.001

set of 2 sink strainers

€4.68 kitchen.154.001

set of 4 measuring spoons

€20.81 kitchen.155.001

felt ball trivet

grey felted kitchen glove
€16.48 kitchen.156.001

felted kitchen glove - grey

€36.65 kitchen.157.001

bread and pizza peel

€16.70 kitchen.158.001

pizza oven scraper

€16.28 kitchen.159.001

pizza oven broom

€8.61 kitchen.160.001

pizza pan

€6.19 kitchen.161.001

cheese slicer

€11.57 kitchen.165.001

stainless steel potato masher

€61.98 kitchen.166.001

fondue set - 1,3L

waffle iron
€33.60 kitchen.176.001

waffle iron

toasting iron
€19.32 kitchen.176.002

toasting iron

travel cutlery set stainless steel cotton
€16.66 kitchen.177

travel cutlery set

€70.80 marble.010.w

white marble fruit plate

Small porcelain saucer.
€1.44 service.001.007

porcelain plate - Ø 7 cm

China saucer.
€2.38 service.001.009

porcelain plate - Ø 9 cm

China plate with notch for spoon.
€2.38 service.001.009bis

porcelain plate with notch - Ø 9 cm

Small plate in bone china.
€2.88 service.001.010

porcelain plate - Ø 10 cm

China plate.
€3.82 service.001.012

porcelain plate - Ø 12 cm

Plate in white bone china.
€6.70 service.001.016

porcelain plate - Ø 16 cm

Plate in white bone china.
€8.60 service.001.021

porcelain plate - Ø 21 cm

Large plate in white bone china.
€10.52 service.001.024

porcelain plate - Ø 24 cm

Large plate or tray in white bone china.
€24.89 service.001.033

porcelain plate - Ø 33 cm

Bowl in white bone china.
€4.78 service.002.012

porcelain bowl - Ø 12 cm

Bowl in white bone china.
€9.57 service.002.016

porcelain bowl - Ø 16 cm

Serving dish in white bone china.
€21.05 service.002.021

porcelain serving dish - Ø 21 cm

White china serving dish.
€31.89 service.002.024

porcelain serving dish - Ø 24 cm

White porcelain serving dish.
€11.48 service.003.021

porcelain serving dish - Ø 21 cm

Porcelain jar with lid.
€7.65 service.004.010

porcelain pot

Porcelain pot with lid.
€8.60 service.004.013

porcelain pot

White porcelain pot with lid.
€10.52 service.004.015

porcelain pot

Cup without handle in bone china.
€4.78 service.005.009

porcelain cup

Cup with handle in bone china.
€7.78 service.005.009.bis

porcelain cup with handle

Espresso cup in bone china.
€3.35 service.006.007

porcelain espresso cup

Tumbler in bone china.
€3.82 service.006.010

porcelain tumbler

Bone china sugar pot.
€8.60 service.007

porcelain sugar pot

Bone china milk jug.
€3.82 service.008

porcelain milk jug

White bone china tea spoon.
€1.44 service.009

porcelain spoon

Water carafe in white bone china.
€20.04 service.010

porcelain carafe

Bone china coffee pot.
€17.78 service.011

porcelain coffee or teapot

Bone china coffee filter cone.
€12.15 service.012

porcelain coffee dripper

€7.44 weather.011

meat thermometer

Round cork saucer
€2.52 home.143.001

cork saucer

€20.81 kitchen.155.002

felt ball trivet

felted blue oven mitt
€16.48 kitchen.156.002

felted kitchen glove - blue

mortar pestle beechwood
€13.13 kitchen.178

wooden mortar and pestle

glass jar without top interchangeable
wooden corkscrew
€6.60 home.026.004

wooden corkscrew

wooden egg cup
€1.90 kitchen.044.011

wooden egg cup

wooden and stainless steel cheese grater
€14.90 kitchen.181


Opinel serrated knife n° 113
€7.08 kitchen.139.008

Opinel serrated knife

Opinel breakfast knife
€13.25 kitchen.139.009

Opinel breakfast knife

bottle with mechanical closure in amber glass
stainless steel bulk confiture funnel
Small compost bin in green enamel
Green enamel kettle
€38.04 enamel.017.002.dgr

green enamel kettle - 2.5l

Green enamel utensil pot.
€23.06 enamel.021.015.dgr

green enamel jar - Ø 11.5cm

stainless steel funnel
€13.50 kitchen.182.002

stainless steel funnel

cast iron warmer with tea light
€21.40 kitchen.186.001

cast iron warmer with tea light

cast iron warmer with tea light
€18.52 kitchen.186.002

cast iron warmer with tea light

cast iron cooking pot
€108.50 kitchen.187.003

cast iron cooking pot - 5,1L

Black dot porcelain plate.
Polka dot porcelain plate.
Black dot porcelain plate.
Polka dot porcelain dish.
Oval black polka dot porcelain tray.
€115.50 arlette.002.038

black dot porcelain tray

Black dot rectangular porcelain tray.
€89.60 arlette.002.039

black dot porcelain tray

Black dot porcelain sugar bowl.
€52.50 arlette.003.030

black dot porcelain sugar bowl

Black dot porcelain milk jug.
€39.40 arlette.004.021

black dot porcelain milk jug

black dot porcelain cup
€22.41 arlette.005.008

black dot porcelain cup – 8 cl

Black dot porcelain cup.
€28.00 arlette.005.020

black dot porcelain cup – 20 cl

Black dot porcelain teapot.
carafe 'broc' 1 L
€3.72 kitchen.002.001

carafe 'broc' 1 L

water carafes
€11.98 kitchen.002.002


carafe 'broc' 0,5 L water
€3.31 kitchen.002.003

carafe 'broc' 0,5 L

carafe 'broc' 1,6 L
€7.44 kitchen.002.004

carafe 'broc' 1,6 L

carafe 0,5 L 'bistrot'
€4.13 kitchen.002.005

carafe 0,5 L 'bistrot'

carafe 0,25 L 'carafon'
€3.76 kitchen.002.010

carafe 0,25 L 'carafon'

carafe 'carafon' 0,5 L
€2.89 kitchen.002.011

carafe 'carafon' 0,5 L

carafe 'carafon' 1 L
€4.13 kitchen.002.012

carafe 'carafon' 1 L

€7.85 kitchen.002.013.bis-

charcoal filter refill

water drink bottle with "binchotan" charcoal filter
€21.45 kitchen.002.014

water drink bottle

€44.96 kitchen.098

porcelain carafe

€2.06 kitchen.120.100

glass bottle with rubber cap

juice dispenser glass
€41.02 kitchen.174

juice dispenser - 3 l

SIGG water bottles
€20.50 kitchen.184-

water bottle - 1L

€37.71 kitchen.099

porcelain carafe

juice dispenser glass
€16.02 kitchen.175

juice dispenser - 3,75 l