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cast iron cooking pot - 1,85L

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Why cook in cast iron pots?

Cast iron pots allow you to cook food slowly over a low heat. This keeps food tender and juicy, even when it is left on the stove or in the oven for a long time. The enamel interior of the pot acts as a natural non-stick coating.

Good to know about cast iron casseroles:

  • Suitable for all heat sources
  • The pot retains its temperature for a long time
  • Lasts a lifetime - very durable
  • Suitable for oven use
  • Cooking in cast iron pots is safe for your health
  • Suitable for very high temperatures
  • Suitable for different cooking techniques (baking, roasting, frying, poaching, searing, stewing, etc.)
  • You need less oil than with pots made of other materials.
  • Cast iron pots should be dried immediately after washing