Damaged items | zangra


Damage has to be reported by using our »contact form« with the subject line “DAMAGED ITEM”. You will need to contact us within 3 business days of receipt of the items in order to make a claim with the shipping company.
After this period zangra can not be held responsible for damaged packages anymore. If you only contact us after 3 days of receiving the goods, we will have to refuse the claim, as the shipping company cannot verify that the box was handled after you received it.

Packages are insured during transit. Products are not insured against damage at your home, shop or on a job site. Opening the box and checking the order is your responsibility, so please check your delivery ASAP for damage!

In order for us to replace the damaged goods, we will first need some information. Our insurance company needs to inspect the damaged package to determine the cause of damage and to verify that proper packaging materials have been used!

Please send us an email with the following information:
a) a picture of the damaged item (1). In case there are several damaged items, please make sure they are all visible in one single picture.
b) a picture of the damaged item (1) in its original packaging (box 2) and in the white zangra box (box3). The packaging materials and the shipping label have to be visible on the picture.
c) the date of the delivery
d) a picture of your invoice or your invoice number.


We sell a lot of glass and porcelain products; sometimes items get damaged or broken during transportation. This is really annoying for our customers, but unfortunately we can’t completely avoid damages. In this case zangra directly refunds or replaces the damaged item(s).

However, zangra doesn’t cover damages made upon mounting the products. We suppose that our customers can’t wait to open their parcel to discover the products they ordered as soon as they receive them and so, identify the potential damages at the same time.

To remind it to our customers, we do all our best to inform them:

  1. In the parcel we put a leaflet with a whole explanation about what to do with damaged items within the 3 days after receipt.
  2. When we ship an order, an automatic email with the same information is sent to the customer.
  3. The same information is also available in the FAQ on our website.

For these reasons, if you don’t respect the required three-day period and even if you have a perfect excuse, we cannot help you.

Please contact us within 3 business days of receipt of the items thanks to the contact form if the LED, halogen or filament light source you bought doesn’t work. It is important to test the light sources as soon as you receive them because after 3 days we won’t exchange it anymore!

Never send broken items back to zangra unless a member of staff has explicitly requested this.

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.