Take your coffee break in style | zangra
White enamel coffee pot.
€15.19 enamel.004.b

white enamel coffee pot

White enamelled ristretto cup.
€2.71 enamel.011.004.b

white enamel cup - 5cl

White enamelled espresso cup.
€3.25 enamel.011.005.b

white enamel cup - 10cl

Black enamelled espresso cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.b

black enamel cup - 25cl

Light blue enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.bl

blue enamel cup - 25cl

Caramel brown enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.c

caramel enamel cup - 25cl

Green enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.gr

enamel mug 25 cl - green

Ivory white enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.i

ivory enamel cup - 25cl

Ivory white enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.i.eol

ivory enamel cup - 25cl

Mint green enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.lgr

mint green enamel cup - 25cl

Pastel pink enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.p

pink enamel cup - 25cl

White enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.w

white enamel cup - 25cl

Mustard yellow enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.006.y

mustard enamel cup - 25cl

White enamelled cup.
€4.34 enamel.011.008.b

white enamel cup - 40cl

Black enamelled cup.
€5.98 enamel.011.008.bb

black enamel cup - 40cl

Light blue enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.bl

blue enamel cup - 40cl

Caramel brown enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.c

caramel enamel cup - 40cl

Green enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.gr

green enamel cup - 40cl

ivory white enamelled mug
€8.76 enamel.011.008.i

ivory enamel cup - 40cl

Mint green enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.lgr

mint green enamel cup - 40cl

Pastel pink enamelled cup.
€8.76 enamel.011.008.p

pink enamel cup - 40cl

yellow mustard enamel mug
€8.76 enamel.011.008.y

mustard enamel cup - 40cl

White enamel sugar bowl.
Black enamel teapot.
€26.61 enamel.017.001.b

black enamel teapot - 1l

Light blue enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.bl

blue enamel teapot - 1l

Caramel brown enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.c

caramel enamel teapot - 1l

Green enamel teapot.
€26.61 enamel.017.001.gr

green enamel teapot - 1l

Ivory white enamel teapot.
€26.61 enamel.017.001.i

ivory enamel teapot - 1l

Mint green enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.lgr

mint green enamel teapot - 1l

Pastel pink enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.p

pink enamel teapot - 1l

Red enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.r

red enamel teapot - 1l

White enamel teapot.
€26.61 enamel.017.001.w

white enamel teapot - 1l

Mustard yellow enamel teapot
€26.61 enamel.017.001.y

mustard enamel teapot - 1l

Black enamel kettle.
€31.54 enamel.017.002.b

black enamel kettle - 2.5l

Light blue enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.bl

blue enamel kettle - 2.5l

Caramel brown enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.c

caramel enamel kettle - 2.5l

ivory white enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.i

ivory enamel kettle - 2.5l

Mint green enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.lgr

mint green enamel kettle - 2.5l

Pastel pink enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.p

pink enamel kettle - 2.5l

Red enamel kettle
€38.04 enamel.017.002.r

red enamel kettle - 2.5l

White enamel kettle.
€31.54 enamel.017.002.w

white enamel kettle - 2.5l

Mustard yellow enamel kettle
€31.54 enamel.017.002.y

mustard enamel kettle - 2.5l

Black enamel cup with saucer.
€8.68 enamel.018.bb

black enamel cup with saucer

Black enamel tray with rim.
€26.04 enamel.026.030.bb

black enamel dish - Ø 31.5cm

Tea set in black enamel.
€61.65 enamel.set.001.b

black enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in light blue enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.bl

blue enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in caramel brown enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.c

caramel enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in green enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.gr

green enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in ivory white enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.i

ivory enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in mint green enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.lgr

mint green enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in pastel pink enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.p

pink enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in white enamel.
€61.65 enamel.set.001.w

white enamel coffee or tea set

Coffee set in mustard yellow enamel
€61.65 enamel.set.001.y

mustard enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in light blue enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.bl

blue enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in caramel brown enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.c

caramel enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in green enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.gr

green enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in ivory white enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.i

ivory enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in mint green enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.lgr

mint green enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in pastel pink enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.p

pink enamel coffee or tea set

Tea set in mustard yellow enamel
€66.58 enamel.set.002.y

mustard enamel coffee or tea set

€82.23 kitchen.001.002

thermos bottle with pump

€16.44 kitchen.014.009

6 black Duralex glasses - 9 cl

€3.31 kitchen.036.001

sugar shaker

€1.65 kitchen.036.002

sugar shaker

€19.82 kitchen.039.006-

espresso maker Bialetti

€39.79 kitchen.039.007

stainless steel coffee maker

€37.19 kitchen.052.001

two porcelain cookie plates

€2.06 kitchen.072

porcelain tumbler - 5 cl

€8.26 kitchen.080

porcelain tea set

Porcelain tray.
€30.63 kitchen.091

porcelain tray

White porcelain tumbler
€4.74 kitchen.092

white porcelain tumbler

€1.40 kitchen.097.002

coffee filters

€4.93 kitchen.097.004

coffee filter holder

€19.80 kitchen.106

porcelain tea strainer

€35.70 kitchen.136.001

glass infusion teapot - 1,1 l

€11.40 kitchen.136.002

tea glass with filter

€4.70 kitchen.138.001

coffee dispenser in boxwood

€25.77 kitchen.147.w

porcelain moustache or bed cup

Cup without handle in bone china.
€4.78 service.005.009

porcelain cup

Cup with handle in bone china.
€7.78 service.005.009.bis

porcelain cup with handle

Espresso cup in bone china.
€3.35 service.006.007

porcelain espresso cup

Tumbler in bone china.
€3.82 service.006.010

porcelain tumbler

Bone china sugar pot.
€8.60 service.007

porcelain sugar pot

Bone china milk jug.
€3.82 service.008

porcelain milk jug

White bone china tea spoon.
€1.44 service.009

porcelain spoon

Bone china coffee pot.
€17.78 service.011

porcelain coffee or teapot

Bone china coffee filter cone.
€12.15 service.012

porcelain coffee dripper

€2.06 tea.005.001

tea ball

€10.50 tea.005.002

floating tea filter

€10.50 tea.005.003

stainless steel tea filter

reusable tea bags
€3.50 tea.006.001

reusable tea bags

€2.21 tea.007.001

tea shovel

thermos travel tumbler - 0,47L
€40.50 thermos.004.001

thermos travel tumbler - 0,47L

€17.92 tea.001.004

herbal tea - lavender

€17.92 tea.001.003

herbal tea - sage

€17.92 tea.001.002

herbal tea - camomile

€28.30 tea.002.002

herbal tea - primrose

€28.30 tea.002.003

herbal tea - elderberry

€28.30 tea.002.004

herbal tea - rosemary

€17.55 kitchen.117.001

insulated tumbler

€3.72 kitchen.014.001

6 Duralex Picardie glasses - 9 cl

Green enamel kettle
€38.04 enamel.017.002.dgr

green enamel kettle - 2.5l

Black dot porcelain plate.
Polka dot porcelain plate.
Black dot porcelain plate.
Polka dot porcelain dish.
Oval black polka dot porcelain tray.
€115.50 arlette.002.038

black dot porcelain tray

Black dot rectangular porcelain tray.
€89.60 arlette.002.039

black dot porcelain tray

Black dot porcelain sugar bowl.
€52.50 arlette.003.030

black dot porcelain sugar bowl

Black dot porcelain milk jug.
€39.40 arlette.004.021

black dot porcelain milk jug

black dot porcelain cup
€22.41 arlette.005.008

black dot porcelain cup – 8 cl

Black dot porcelain cup.
€28.00 arlette.005.020

black dot porcelain cup – 20 cl

Black dot porcelain teapot.