Selection of natural products good for you and the planet | zangra
Organic tooth powder
€6.16 anae.001.001

tooth powder

Powder shampoo
€9.32 anae.002.001

powder shampoo

Organic glycerin
€10.51 anae.004.001

organic glycerin

Natural hand cream
€10.29 aries.001.001

natural hand cream

Natural deodorant stick
€9.50 attitude.009-

natural solid deodorant stick

Natural shampoo & body wash
Natural shampoo
€10.95 attitude.011-

natural shampoo

12 small organic soaps
€34.00 baigneur.006.002

12 small organic soaps

cotton bud jar made of cow horn
€18.90 bathroom.060

horn cotton swabs holder

Organic sunscreen
€12.95 biosolis.001

organic sunscreen

Natural bath sponge
€35.45 body.001

natural sponge

bath sponge
€24.78 body.001.002

bath sponge

Bamboo and charcoal toothbrushes
Small wooden toothbrush
€7.88 body.002.002

wooden toothbrush - kids

Bamboo and charcoal toothbrushes
€5.90 body.002.009

bamboo toothbrush

Small bamboo toothbrushes
€4.01 body.002.010

kids bamboo toothbrush

Coloured bamboo toothbrushes
€4.50 body.002.015-

bamboo toothbrush

Toothbrushes with bamboo handle and carbon brush
€4.99 body.002.016-

bamboo toothbrush

wooden hairbrush
€33.42 body.003.001

wooden hairbrush

round wooden hairbrush
€18.94 body.003.002

round wooden hairbrush

€20.10 body.005.002

handmade horn comb

wooden nailbrush
€28.59 body.006.001

wooden nailbrush

Wooden nailbrush
€13.35 body.006.002

wooden nailbrush

pumice stone
€6.10 body.007.001

natural volcanic pumice stone

Massage brush
€29.22 body.009.001

massage brush

loofah soap cushion
€4.95 body.010

loofah soap cushion

dead sea bath salt
€5.51 body.013

dead sea bath salt

black ceramic cotton pad dispenser
white ceramic cotton pad dispenser
Horn beard comb
€14.62 body.015.001

horn beard comb

Horn beard brush
€50.70 body.016.001

horn beard brush

make up remover gloves
€7.02 body.018.001

make up remover gloves

washable panty liner
€17.60 body.020.001-

washable panty liner

organic Q-tips for baby
€2.11 body.021.002

bio Q-tips for baby

bamboo cotton swabs
€2.00 body.021.006.b

bamboo cotton swabs

menstrual cup
€34.24 body.022.001

menstrual cup

menstrual cup
€27.98 body.022.002

menstrual cup

reusable menstrual pad
€5.22 body.023

reusable menstrual pad

Natural toothpaste
€8.46 body.025

natural toothpaste

natural solid deodorant stick
Natural solid deodorant.
€9.90 body.030.001

natural solid deodorant

mini toothpaste tablets
€6.00 body.028

mint toothpaste tablets

Peppermint solid toothpaste.
€8.49 body.029.001

solid toothpaste - peppermint

Mint or lemon dental floss.
€4.99 body.032

dental floss

Bamboo ear cleaner.
€4.50 body.034.001

bamboo ear cleaner

Natural solid stick deodorant.
€7.45 body.037.001

natural solid stick deodorant

Aloe vera gel.
€7.95 body.039.001

aloe vera gel

Solid pink cocoa butter.
€9.90 body.040.001

solid cocoa butter

Bamboo interdental brush.
€4.01 body.041-

bamboo interdental brush

Natural vegan toothpaste.
€6.00 body.043-

natural toothpaste

€4.99 body.044-

bamboo interdental brush

Bamboo reusable pads.
€11.98 body.045.b

bamboo reusable pads

Toothpaste tablets.
€8.99 body.046-

toothpaste tablets

Organic cotton handkerchiefs.
Essential oils.
€8.49 chi.001

essential oils

Glass roll-on.
€3.27 DIY.003.10

glass roll-on - 10 ml

Glass roll-on 50 ml.
€4.65 DIY.003.50

glass roll-on - 50 ml

Glass dropper bottle.
Glass jar - 15 ml.
€4.72 DIY.005.15

glass jar - 15 ml

Glass jar.
€7.74 DIY.006-

glass jar

Glass spray bottle.
€6.66 DIY.007-

glass spray bottle

Glass pump bottle.
€9.32 DIY.008-

glass pump bottle

Glass spray bottle - 100 ml.
€3.63 DIY.009.100

glass spray bottle - 100 ml

Glass pump bottle - 250 ml.
€8.11 DIY.010.250

glass pump bottle - 250 ml

Amber glass spray bottle.
€3.99 DIY.011.100

glass spray bottle - 100 ml

Amber glass spray bottle 500 ml.
€9.32 DIY.011.500

glass spray bottle - 500 ml

Glass pump bottle - 300 ml.
€6.66 DIY.012.300

glass pump bottle - 300 ml

€5.03 corvette.004.001

olive Marseille soap

Almond hand wash.
€18.00 drharris.001

almond hand wash

Almond hand lotion.
€18.00 drharris.002

almond hand lotion

Milk of cucumbers and roses.
€31.00 drharris.012

milk of cucumbers and roses

Eye contour gel.
€15.00 drharris.013

crystal eye gel

Shaving brush.
€63.50 drharris.021.001

shaving brush

Bamboo wipes.
€1.59 droguerie.011.005

bamboo handy wipes

Bamboo baby wipes.
€4.46 droguerie.011.006

bamboo baby wipes

Luffah for the bath.
€4.36 home.081.002

loofah bath sponge

White soap with flowers
€6.05 klar.001.001

organic soap - flowers

Sandalwood soap
€6.05 klar.001.002

sandalwood soap

Kids soap
€6.05 klar.001.003

organic soap for children

Ginseng soap
€6.05 klar.001.004

ginseng soap

Clay soap
€6.05 klar.001.005

natural clay soap

White soap with sea salt
€7.87 klar.001.006

sea salt soap

Black soap with charcoal
€7.87 klar.001.007

activated carbon soap

€30.24 klar.002-

organic shaving soap - men

€30.24 klar.002.003

activated carbon shaving soap

Vanilla & Nutmeg Solid Shampoo
Solid shampoo with chamomile and nettle
Solid shampoo with aloe vera and lemongrass
Solid shampoo with lavender and tea tree
solid shampoo for children
€12.10 klar.003.005

solid children's shampoo Klar

cellulose sponge
€3.62 maistic.001.001

cellulose sponge

€3.15 natracare.001.001

natural pads - regular

€3.15 natracare.001.002

natural pads - super

€3.40 natracare.002.002

natural pads - super

€2.59 natracare.003.001

natural liners - ultra thin

€2.53 natracare.003.002

natural liners - mini

€2.18 natracare.003.003

natural liners - normal

€2.53 natracare.003.004

natural liners - curved

€4.37 natracare.004

natural tampons with applicator

€3.50 natracare.007.001

biodegradable maternity pads

€3.39 natracare.010.001

biodegradable nursing pads

€23.99 ohm.002

natural deodorant cream

€8.91 oil.001.001

natural oil - cold fighting

€8.91 oil.001.002

natural oil - good night

€9.60 oil.001.003

natural oil - anti stress

€10.95 oil.002.001

pillow spray

€8.45 oil.002.002

sleep well spray

€10.95 oil.002.003

cold spray

€10.95 oil.002.004

air cleaning spray

€10.95 oil.002.005

fight bad odors spray

€12.95 petitjolie.001.001

anti stretch mark oil

€3.48 seepje.005.002

hand soap - lavender and tonka

Revolving almond soap
Rotating soap dish with lemon soap
Two rotating almond milk soaps
Two rotating yellow soaps
Rotary soap dish with exfoliating cedar soap
Two exfoliating cedar soaps
Marseille soap 72% oil
€7.08 soap.020.001

organic Marseille soap

Exfoliating soap grey
Green clay soap
€10.95 soap.021.002

green clay and bergamot soap

Black soap with charcoal and green tea
Brown solid shampoo
€12.95 soap.021.004

anti-dandruff solid shampoo

Beige solid shampoo
Rose and palmarosa solid soap
€12.95 soap.021.006

rose and palmarosa soap

Green tea and lemongrass solid soap
€10.95 soap.021.007

green tea and lemongrass soap

Solid shampoos with different scents
Natural soap for men
Savon à la lavande
€5.51 soap.026.001

lavender soap

organic solid conditioner natural
solid shampoo bar natural
€6.69 urtekram.003-

natural roll-on deodorant

€4.99 weleda.001.001

calendula toothpaste

€4.99 weleda.001.002

plant toothpaste

€4.99 weleda.001.003

salt toothpaste

€4.99 weleda.001.004

children's tooth gel weleda

€14.50 weleda.002.001

after shave balm weleda

natural roll-on deodorant
€9.30 weleda.004

natural roll-on deodorant

€14.99 weleda.005.50

sunscreen SPF 50 - baby & kids

€22.99 weleda.006.002.30

sun milk SPF 30 - baby & kids

eye relaxing cushion
€19.26 yoga.015.001

eye relaxing cushion

€12.95 yoga.018.001

neti pot

€17.23 yoga.018.002

neti pot

conditioner bar  nutmeg  vanilla
conditioner bar lemongrass Aloe Vera
€21.73 brush.038.001

round wooden hairbrush

€18.09 provida.001

organic oil - eucalyptus

€7.95 soap.030.001

authentic Aleppo soap

popup hairbrush
€18.43 body.003.003

popup hairbrush