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washable panty liner

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body.020.001 body.020.001 S : 17 x 18 cm €11.86 30% €16.95
body.020.002 body.020.002 M : 20 x 20 cm €12.15 30% €17.36
body.020.003 body.020.003 L : 20,5 x 22 cm €12.43 30% €17.77
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Washable panty liners are ideal for daily use or light menstruation days. They can also be used as a back up if you for example use a menstrual cup or a tampon as well as for light incontinency.

What size?
S : 17 x 18 cm -> light flows (mini)
M : 20 x 20 cm -> normal flows (day)
L : 20,5 x 22 cm -> abundant flow (night, after delivery, incontinence)

These reusable cotton panty liners are the perfect alternative for disposable liners. Better for the environment, nicer to your skin and cheaper!
Cotton from organic agriculture
No harmful chemicals
No chlorine
The packaging is 100% compostable, the cardboard is made out of recycled materials and without use of harmful inks.
In order to minimize the ecological footprint these liners are made in Europe.

Washing instructions
The liners can be washed at 60°C
To get rid of blood stains, rinse the dirty liner with cold water or let it soak before you throw them in the washing machine. Warm water solidifies the protein in the blood and makes it harder to remove the stains.
It is recommended to use liquid detergent instead of powder.
It is prefered to not use fabric softener since it harms the environment
Do not tumble dry nor iron.