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bamboo interdental brush

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body.044.0 body.044.0 size 0 - 0,40 mm €2.89 30% €4.14
body.044.3 body.044.3 size 3 - 0,60 mm €2.89 30% €4.14
body.044.5 body.044.5 size 5 - 0,80 mm €2.89 30% €4.14
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Interdental brushes feature a bamboo handle and a nylon brush, are an environmentally friendly complement to your daily dental care. They allow you to clean the hard-to-get-at spaces between your teeth for yourself. Using these interdental brushes means you not only protect your teeth and gums, but at the same time you protect the environment.

Size 0 : 0,40 mm
Size 3 : 0,60 mm
Size 5 : 0,80 mm

Eco-friendly ?
* Bamboo 100% biodegradable (not the brush)

Unlike a tree that grows for 30 years, bamboo can be harvested every year. It is a self-renewing plant that does not need to be replanted.
Bamboo grows without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It therefore doesn't contribute to the infiltration of chemicals into groundwater.
Bamboo is a plant that beats all growth records of growth: up to one meter a day! As they grow, bamboo is easily replaced, which makes bamboo a very renewable material. So using it doesn't contribute to deforestation.

Please note that due to hygiene reasons this product is non-returnable