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white porcelain Art Deco toilet brush holder Becca


becca.w.002 becca.w.002 brush holder with wooden brush €29.76
becca.w becca.w brush holder without brush €22.32
brush.030 brush.030 wooden toilet brush €7.44
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Porcelain Art Deco toilet brush holder

This toilet brush holder, designed by Thierry Donnay, co-founder of zangra, is named Becca.
It can easily be placed next to the toilet or hung on the wall using the hole on the back. Becca is part of zangra's Art Deco collection of porcelain bathroom accessories, available in white, old pink and mint green.

A contemporary vintage style

Do you want a bathroom that stepped right out of the 1960s? Then go for zangra's collection of coloured retro porcelain! Besides white, zangra also chose two typical retro colours and used them to create an extensive collection of bathroom accessories and lighting. Choose between powder pink or retro green and, of course, white.

Tips and ideas for a retro bathroom

The use of colour is essential when creating a retro bathroom. Consider shades such as mint green and vintage pink combined with lots of white and avoid overly bright colours.
Features of bathrooms from yesteryear include clawfoot bathtubs and freestanding sinks with authentic taps. Don't forget the classic porcelain vanity shelf between the basin and the mirror to complete the look! Place vintage bathroom accessories and a pretty porcelain tumbler for your toothbrushes on this shelf.
With retro bathroom accessories, you can give your bathroom a nostalgic feel without big expenses. Think nice details like a porcelain toilet roll holder, toilet brush holder, an antique mirror, or a porcelain towel holder.
Lighting is of great importance. Choose a ceiling light that you position at the center of the room, and always install mirror lighting along both sides of the mirror to avoid illuminating only half of your face. Opt for porcelain in sober white or a retro colour such as pink or green.
With these tips, you can easily create your retro bathroom in a stylish way.

How to clean your toilet brush and holder (with natural products)?

People often forget that even our cleaning brushes need to be cleaned! One of the dirtiest things in your bathroom is your toilet brush and its holder.
1. Fill a bucket halfway (or less) with vinegar and fill the rest with water. Submerge your brush and holder in a vinegar-water solution overnight.
2. If needed, scrub your brush with baking soda.
3. Run the brush and holder under hot water.
4. Leave the brush and holder on a towel to air-dry. Storing them damp or wet will result in bacteria growth.