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cubic up & down wall light in white ceramic - 11cm

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shipped within 1-2 days


Highlight your interior with this ceramic wall lamp with a pure and elegant design.
Entirely designed and manufactured in Europe, which guarantees high quality and durability.

This ceramic lamp without visible screws can be painted over very easily, according to your wishes, to create a continuity or contrast with your interior.

Both the top and bottom of the lamp are open.
Lightbulb included.

Do not use an electrical screwdriver
Do not use electrical screwdrivers when installing ceramic or porcelain items. We recommend to first drill a hole in the wall, fit the right plugs inside and use a manual screwdriver to fix the screws in place. Be especially careful during the final tightening of the screws. 

What is a G9 light bulb?

A G9 light bulb looks like a small capsule and has two pins spaced 9mm apart (hence the 9 in its name). This base is also called mini Bi-Pin. G9 light bulbs are very small and can therefore be used in small light fixtures. G9 bulbs simply operate on 230V; you can therefore connect them directly to the electrical network. A light bulb with a G9 base must be placed on a light fixture with a G9 fitting. This type of light bulb is simply inserted by pushing the two pins into the socket and is therefore very easy to install.
Here you will find examples of G9 42 W and G9 28 W bulbs.