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outdoor string light

€81.41 energy class : G
x energy class : lightbulblf00101040.jpg

light.o.002.b.01.040 light.o.002.b.01.040 black string light - clear light bulbs €81.41
light.o.002.b.01.040.col10 light.o.002.b.01.040.col10 black string light - coloured light bulbs €81.41
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Zangra's string lights are connectable together end-to-end.

Cord Length: 10 meters
Including 10 PCS E27 1W LED filament light bulbs in glass, not in plastic.
For indoor and outdoor usage. IP44.
Manufactured with HVV-F 2*0.75 mm2
0.9 meter spacing between sockets
Do not exceed 1680W all sets combined

What does the IP value mean on a light fitting?

All light fittings are classified according to their IP value. These IP values (International Protection or Ingress Protection) indicate the degree of protection of the light fitting against dust and moisture. The IP value consists of two digits: the first digit indicates the level of protection against dust; the second, the level of protection against moisture. The higher the IP value, the higher the protection. Check this diagram to see the different existing IP values.

What does IP44 mean?

IP44 means that this lamp is protected against:
4 : a solid object greater than 1mm.
4 : water splashes from all directions.
Indoor: rated for installation in bathroom zones 2 and 3.
Outdoor: suitable for outdoor use if correctly installed in zone 3 and 4 (see zone diagrams in the gallery).
See our damp-rated lights for bathroom section for more information.