Great care needs to be taken when choosing bathroom lighting, as the regulations concerning the type of light you can use are strict.
It is important to understand the rating by which bathroom and outdoor lights are classified. IP-rating stands for “Ingress Protection”. The higher the number, the better the protection level will be.

IP20 – not protected
IP21 – protected against dripping water
IP23 – protected against spraying water
IP44 – protected against splashing water
IP55 – protected against water jets
IP66 – protected against heavy seas
IP67 – protected against the effects of immersion
IP68 – protected against the effects of submersion

See zangra’s section of IP44+ and outdoor lighting »here«

The drawing below shows a bathroom split into different zones.
The requirements for each area depend mainly upon the risk of water getting close to the electrical supply.

Zone 0 min. IP 67
Zone 1 min. IP 65
Zone 2 min. IP 44
Zone 3 (anywhere outside zones 0, 1 and 2): There are no special IP-requirements in this zone.

TIP: just above the shower we advise you to use an IP65 because the lighting here could come in direct contact with water.
It is recommendable to install sockets only in zone number 3.

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