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Ablette, a ceiling lamp 100% zangra
This zangra ceiling spotlight is called Ablette. This adjustable ceiling light can be installed in the middle of a room or close to a wall if you wish to illuminate an element of decoration or architecture. Ablette is available in three colours: raw brass, white and black, and two models: with a single spotlight or two adjustable spotlights. This adjustable light fitting is designed and manufactured in Europe. It is durable and complies with European regulations. This surface-mounted spotlight takes a GU10 bulb.
Ideal in a contemporary kitchen or living room.

What is a GU10 light bulb?

A GU10 light bulb is designed for GU10 or GZ10 fittings. These light bulbs are commonly used for spotlights. The GU10 light bulb employs a twist-and-lock system, called Bi-Pin, which consists of two prongs spaced 10 mm apart. U means "Universal". They operate at 230 volts without the need for a transformer or a driver. If your light bulb is dimmable, you will be able to adjust the brightness at all time. It’s designed to fit snugly into place with just a push and a clockwise twist.
Here you will find a GU10 light source, if you would like to buy one!

Is the light bulb included?

The light bulb is not included when you buy this light. You will find here the whole selection of LED, incandescent, stick and halogen light bulbs. Take into account that each light needs a specific type of light bulb. You will find the kind of light bulb that it requires under the "Technical Description" tab.

Are the screws included?
No screws are supplied, as the type of screw depends on the material of the wall or ceiling (concrete, brick, plasterboard, wood).
You need a different type of screws depending on each material.