What can I do when my light bulb won’t light up or stops lighting up?

Most zangra light sources are specially designed in three different parts. When the light bulb is no longer working, the glass globe can be unscrewed and only the LED inside needs to be replaced. These LEDs can be found "here".
You don't have to throw the whole light bulb in the rubbish, which saves you a lot of money!

zangra light bulbs are specially designed in three different parts, therefore it can happen that there is no contact between the metal tab inside the adaptor and the LED. As a result, the light bulb may not light up.
Test your bulb immediately after purchase. If it doesn't light up, do this small test:

  • unscrew the glass globe from the adaptor;
  • unscrew the LED from the adaptor;
  • if you look inside the adaptor, you will see a metal tab. With a simple gesture with a screwdriver, you can push this tab upwards;
  • when you screw the LED back into the adaptor, it comes into contact with the adaptor via the metal tab and the bulb lights up.

Please contact us within three working days of receiving your order if a light bulb you purchased does not light up after performing the above test.

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«. 85/09/lightbulbs-l-02-zangra.jpg