A pendant lamp or socket can not be "defective". All pendant lamps are assembled and tested in zangra's workshop before being shipped to a client.

What can happen is that the light bulb won't work because it is not in contact with the metal connectors inside the lampholder. Therefore lift the connector in the lampholder (using a flat screwdriver) to restore a connection between the connector and the light bulb. In most cases, the problem will be solved.

zangra's lampholders have a safety feature, which means that once put together, they cannot be unscrewed anymore. This is to ensure you don’t undo the lampholder when changing the bulb and give yourself a nasty electric shock! To attach a power cord to the lampholder, you need to unscrew the base first. To do this, you have to push down the retention pin inside the lampholder (e.g. with a screwdriver) and unscrew the upper ring.

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