▹ damaged items


Damage has to be reported by using our »contact form« with the subject line “DAMAGED ITEM”. You will need to contact us within 3 business days of receipt of the items in order to make a claim with the shipping company.
After this period zangra can not be held responsible for damaged packages anymore. If you only contact us after 3 days of receiving the goods, we will have to refuse the claim, as the shipping company cannot verify that the box was handled after you received it.

Packages are insured during transit. Products are not insured against damage at your home, shop or on a job site. Opening the box and checking the order is your responsibility, so please check your delivery ASAP for damage!

In order for us to replace the damaged goods, we will first need some information. Our insurance company needs to inspect the damaged package to determine the cause of damage and to verify that proper packaging materials have been used!

Please send us an email with the following information:
a) a picture of the damaged item (1). In case there are several damaged items, please make sure they are all visible in one single picture.
b) a picture of the damaged item (1) in its original packaging (box 2) and in the white zangra box (box3). The packaging materials have to visible on the picture.
c) the date of the delivery
d) a picture of your invoice or your invoice number.


We sell a lot of glass and porcelain products; sometimes items get damaged or broken during transportation. This is really annoying for our customers, but unfortunately we can’t completely avoid damages. In this case zangra directly refunds or replaces the damaged item(s).

However, zangra doesn’t cover damages made upon mounting the products. We suppose that our customers can’t wait to open their parcel to discover the products they ordered as soon as they receive them and so, identify the potential damages at the same time.

To remind it to our customers, we do all our best to inform them:

  1. In the parcel we put a leaflet with a whole explanation about what to do with damaged items within the 3 days after receipt.

  2. When we ship an order, an automatic email with the same information is sent to the customer.

  3. The same information is also available in the FAQ on our website.

For these reasons, if you don’t respect the required three-day period and even if you have a perfect excuse, we cannot help you.

Please contact us within 3 business days of receipt of the items thanks to the contact form if the LED, halogen or filament light source you bought doesn’t work. It is important to test the light sources as soon as you receive them because after 3 days we won’t exchange it anymore!

Never send broken items back to zangra unless a member of staff has explicitly requested this.

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.


▹ wrong or missing item

Any wrong delivery needs to be reported within 3 business days of receipt of the items. Afterwards we will not be able to process your request for a product replacement anymore.

To do so, please complete the contact form with the following information:
a. a picture of each wrong item
b. the date of the delivery
c. your order number or reference

Never send wrong items back of your own initiative, as zangra will take care of the return costs.

Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department by filling in our »contact form«.


▹ refund

If you have received a damaged item you can either ask for a refund or for a replacement of that product.
We can only process your request once you send us the required information (see “damaged items”). The amount will be transfered back to your account in a few days, depending on your bank and the payment method you used.

The transfer can only be made using the same payment method as for your order.

Did you pay by card?
We'll transfer the amount back to your account as soon as possible.

Did you pay by bank transfer?
Please mail your bank information (SWIFT and IBAN codes) to our customer service and we will transfer the amount back to your account.
Keep in mind that it may take a few days for the transfer to be processed.

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.


▹ how do we pack your order?

Every day hundreds of orders leave our warehouse. Usually these packages arrive intact. Proper packaging helps to reduce the number of products damaged during shipping. That is why we use heavy duty cardboard boxes suitable for heavy items, made from double wall cardboard. As box filler we recycle old cardboard. Our "cardboard perforator” transformes bulky used cardboard into a shock-absorbant, flexible netting that is perfect for packaging. We think it is important to focus on recycling and re-use to reduce the total amount of waste by using these cardboard mats as packing material.
However, sometimes you could receive damaged merchandise. Customers then often complain about our packaging not having a label with “fragile” or “this side up”. But these stickers do not make any difference. All the courier services we worked with treat the packages with or without sticker in the same way. If it would make a difference we would stick “fragile" stickers all over… really...

zangra immediately issues a refund or replaces the product when you did receive a damaged item. zangra is insured for damage, but the insurance company will never reimburse us the full amount, so it is in our advantage that we do our best to pack your order as good as we can.

Read »here« what to do when you received a broken item.

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.


▹ guarantee

zangra's products are of the highest quality and are made to last. All zangra products have a two year warranty.

During the 2-year warranty period, you can let zangra know via the »contact form« if a problem occurs.

If you have a product that is damaged by your fault, it will not be replaced or refunded.

The email must contain the following photos and / or information:
a. A picture of the defective item if the damage is visible.
b. Your invoice, a picture of your invoice, the invoice number or the order number.

Unfortunately, no guarantee is given on light sources. All light sources sold separately are tested by zangra before shipping.

After sending, zangra is in no way responsible for the indicated service life. It is impossible to verify how and under what circumstances your light sources burn.

For example: vibration, peak current, old wiring, faulty connection, installation, short circuit, lightning, humidity, use of the defective dimmer, etc.

Never return defective products to zangra unless explicitly requested by a zangra employee.

If you did not purchase the product directly from zangra, please contact the store where you purchased the product. They will contact zangra and eventually return the article. zangra will replace or refund the product to the reseller in case of manufacturing defect.


▹ defective pendant lamp or socket

A pendant lamp or socket can not be "defective". All pendant lamps are assembled and tested in zangra's workshop before being shipped to a client.

What can happen is that the light bulb won't work because it is not in contact with the metal connectors inside the lampholder. Therefore lift the connector in the lampholder (using a flat screwdriver) to restore a connection between the connector and the light bulb. In most cases, the problem will be solved.

zangra's lampholders have a safety feature, which means that once put together, they cannot be unscrewed anymore. This is to ensure you don’t undo the lampholder when changing the bulb and give yourself a nasty electric shock! To attach a power cord to the lampholder, you need to unscrew the base first. To do this, you have to push down the retention pin inside the lampholder (e.g. with a screwdriver) and unscrew the upper ring.

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.