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White fabric cable.
€2.07 textilecable.003

fabric cable - white

White and silver fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.052

fabric cable - white and silver

Ivory-coloured fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.047

fabric cable - ivory

Electrical cable covered in ivory cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.083.002

fabric cable - ivory cotton

Sand-coloured fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.070

fabric cable - sand

White and black fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.001

fabric cable - white and black

White fabric cable with black dots.
Black and white zigzag fabric cable.
Black and white houndstooth fabric cable.
Black fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.031

fabric cable - black

Electrical cable covered in black cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.089.002

fabric cable - black cotton

Black fabric cable with white dots.
Black and white fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.002

fabric cable - black and white

White and black fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.053

fabric cable - white and black

Red fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.008

fabric cable - red

Electrical cable covered in red cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.090.002

fabric cable - red cotton

Red fabric cable with white dots.
€2.48 textilecable.075

fabric cable - red and white dots

White fabric cable with red pattern.
€2.48 textilecable.039

fabric cable - white and red dots

Black and red zigzag fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.015

fabric cable - red and black zigzag

Red and black houndstooth fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.025.001

fabric cable - red and black houndstooth

Yellow fabric cable.
€2.07 textilecable.014

fabric cable - yellow

Fluorescent yellow fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.033

fabric cable - fluo yellow

Electrical cable covered in yellow cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.085.002

fabric cable - yellow cotton

Electrical cable covered in curry cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.095.002

fabric cable - curry cotton

Gold-coloured fabric-covered cable.
€2.90 textilecable.007

fabric cable - gold

Dark golden fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.067

fabric cable - dark gold

Golden fabric cable with brown dots.
€2.90 textilecable.076

fabric cable - gold and brown dots

Blue fabric cable.
€2.07 textilecable.043

fabric cable - blue

Electrical cable covered in navy blue cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.092.002

fabric cable - blue cotton

Baby blue fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.011

fabric cable - baby blue

Electrical cable covered in blue cotton.
€2.48 textilecable.079

fabric cable - blue cotton

Turquoise fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.030

fabric cable - turquoise

Electrical cable covered in turquoise cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.091.002

fabric cable - turquoise cotton

Electrical cable covered in blue grey cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.087.002

fabric cable - aqua cotton

Green fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.010

fabric cable - green

Fluorescent green fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.034.001

fabric cable - fluo green

hunter green fabric cable
€2.90 textilecable.059

fabric cable - hunter green

Electrical cable covered in hunter green cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.096.002

fabric cable - hunter green cotton

White fabric cable with green pattern.
€2.48 textilecable.038

fabric cable - white and green dots

White and green zigzag fabric cable.
Green fabric cable with white dots.
€2.48 textilecable.074.001

fabric cable - green and white dots

Blue and green zigzag fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.037.001

fabric cable - blue and green zigzag

Fluorescent pink fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.036

fabric cable - fluo pink

White and pink zigzag fabric cable.
Baby pink fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.041

fabric cable - baby pink

Electrical cable covered in pink cotton.
€2.48 textilecable.080

fabric cable - pink cotton

White and baby pink zigzag fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.066.001

fabric cable - white and baby pink zigzag

Violet fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.068.001

fabric cable - violet

Salmon-coloured fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.064

fabric cable - salmon

Brown fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.017

fabric cable - brown

Electrical cable covered in brown cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.084.002

fabric cable - brown cotton

Electrical cable covered in taupe cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.094.002

fabric cable - taupe cotton

Brown and white fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.049

fabric cable - brown and white

Raw-looking fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.071

fabric cable - raw

Grey fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.020

fabric cable - grey

Dark grey fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.055

fabric cable - dark grey

Electrical cable covered in dark grey cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.088.002

fabric cable - dark grey cotton

Electrical cable covered in grey cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.081

fabric cable - grey cotton

Silvery fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.050

fabric cable - silvery

Orange fabric cable.
€2.90 textilecable.013

fabric cable - orange

Fluorescent orange fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.035.001

fabric cable - fluo orange

Electrical cable covered in orange cotton.
€2.90 textilecable.086.002

fabric cable - orange cotton

Blue and orange zigzag fabric cable.
Purple fabric cable.
€2.48 textilecable.023.001

fabric cable - purple

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