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Fabric cable collection by Zangra

Zangra has its fabric cables manufactured in European factories to guarantee the highest quality. All cables have the necessary certificates and are made of the best materials. You can choose from over a hundred different colours and a wide range of electrical wires, braided cotton cables, twisted wires, black and white cords...Are you looking for a fabric-covered cable with switch and plug? Or would you like to buy a coloured fabric cable by the metre? Discover here the entire zangra collection.
This cable is to be used for indoor lighting only. It is made of copper wires insulated by a PVC housing and covered with a high-quality braided fabric.

How to order a fabric cable online?

The price shown is for 1m of braided fabric cable. The number of metres required must be entered into the shopping cart. Please note that if you specify 9 metres, you will receive one single 9m-long cable, not 9 x 1m-long cables.
This is a custom-made product. Since the fabric cable is cut to size especially for you, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

How do you cut a textile cable?

Always wrap a piece of tape around the cable where you are going to cut it. That way, the fabric cable will not unravel.

The construction of this textile cable features 3 copper conductor wires of 0.75mm (Neutral, Live and Earth) insulated by a PVC housing and covered with a high-quality braided fabric.
This cable can be combined with all kinds of fittings. For metal fittings, it is mandatory to use this type of electric cable.
If you need a 2-conductor cord, you can simply clip the Earth wire or choose the cable with only two wires.

Please note that regulations for earthing systems vary considerably among countries!