Take care of your hair naturally | zangra
€7.43 attitude.008.002

ecological hair detangler

Natural shampoo
€9.05 attitude.011-

natural shampoo

Wall-mounted hair dryer.
€172.95 bathroom.020.001

wall-mounted hair dryer

wooden hairbrush
€27.62 body.003.001

wooden hairbrush

Horn comb.
€16.61 body.005.002

horn comb

Horn beard comb
€12.08 body.015.001

horn beard comb

Glass pump bottle.
€7.70 DIY.008-

glass pump bottle

Glass pump bottle - 250 ml.
€6.70 DIY.010.250

glass pump bottle - 250 ml

Glass pump bottle - 300 ml.
€5.50 DIY.012.300

glass pump bottle - 300 ml

Vanilla & Nutmeg Solid Shampoo
Solid shampoo with chamomile and nettle
Solid shampoo with aloe vera and lemongrass
Solid shampoo with lavender and tea tree
solid shampoo for children
€10.00 klar.003.005

solid children's shampoo Klar

conditioner bar  nutmeg  vanilla
conditioner bar lemongrass Aloe Vera
Brown solid shampoo
€10.70 soap.021.004

anti-dandruff solid shampoo

Beige solid shampoo
Solid shampoos with different scents
Natural soap for men
Solid conditionner - vanilla.
organic solid conditioner natural
solid shampoo bar natural
Round wooden hairbrush.
€17.96 brush.038.001

round wooden hairbrush

€6.57 soap.030.001

authentic Aleppo soap

popup hairbrush
€15.23 body.003.003

popup hairbrush

organic hair soap with nettle
€10.50 soap.024.003

solid shampoo with nettle