White flush-mounted switch: 4 nickel-plated toggle | zangra

white switch simple or two-way - 4 nickel-plated toggles

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Zangra’s collection of design switches
This two-way or simple toggle switch is part of zangra’s home accessories and will meet all your needs. These switches are entirely designed in Belgium by zangra and manufactured in Europe, which guarantees high quality and durability. The switch complies with the NF EN 61058-1 standard and is VDE certified.
* White lacquered wall plate.
* Nickel-plated brass toggle switch.
* Sold with rectangular junction box (70mm x 140mm).

This switch can be installed on a two-way or simple circuit.

What is a two-way switch?

Two-way switch, providing control of a light from two locations.
A two-way circuit is an electrical circuit that allows a lamp to be switched on or off from two switches, for example, a switch at each end of a corridor for the same lighting point.

What is a simple switch?

The simple switch, on the other hand, is used to switch a light on or off from a single location in the room (usually at the entrance to the room).