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€169.84 energy class : F
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Linear ceiling lights Bridget
These linear lamps by Belgian brand zangra are named Bridget. The metal lampshade is available in various colours and two sizes. You have the choice between a 50 cm lamp and a 100 cm one.
Bridget is primarily a ceiling light but can also be mounted on the wall.
This slender lamp is equipped with an opal glass tubular bulb. The 50 cm bulb has an S14d base, and the 100 cm bulb has two S14s bases.
You can find replacement bulbs in our "stick lamps" section.

What does the IP value mean on a light fitting?

All light fittings are classified according to their IP value. These IP values (International Protection or Ingress Protection) indicate the degree of protection of the light fitting against dust and moisture. The IP value consists of two digits: the first digit indicates the level of protection against dust; the second, the level of protection against moisture. The higher the IP value, the higher the protection. Check this diagram to see the different existing IP values.

What does the IP20 value mean on this light fitting?

IP20 means that the light fitting:
2: is protected against the intrusion of solid particles with a dimension greater than 12.5 millimetres.
0: has no protection against water penetration. This light fitting can be installed indoors, but not in wet areas.
It is not recommended to install this light fitting outdoors. A device with an IP20 value is not protected against dust or moisture. A light fitting marked IP20 may have holes to prevent overheating. However, the lamp is protected against contact with objects larger than 12.5 mm, such as a hand or finger.
This model is suitable for indoor use, but not outdoors.