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house number light in blown glass


light.o.120.b.002-num light.o.120.b.002-num black lamp + picto €185.13
light.o.120.w.002-num light.o.120.w.002-num white lamp + picto €185.13
light.o.120.cover.b light.o.120.cover.b black metal cover €39.26
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shipped within 2-4 weeks


Are you looking for an elegant luminaire to illuminate your entrance? This wall lamp is the ideal solution. In addition to providing a soft and pleasant light, it can also be personalised by assigning your house number to it.

The glass shades are crafted by the glass blowers in a traditional European glass factory.
Once the glass has been blown into its final shape, by means of a blowpipe and iron moulds, it is placed into an annealing oven, controlling its cooling down to prevent any cracking.

This lamp is composed of a Triplex blown glass (matt finish) and a metal base that can be attached directly to a black metal cover.
Please note that we are currently able to customise the light with numbers only (combination of 2 or 3 digits), but not with letters. Once the order has been confirmed, we invite you to contact our customer service via a contact form to provide us with the number(s) to be attached to the lamp.
Please note that once the final offer is paid, no cancellations and no exchanges will be accepted for this product.

What does the IP value mean on a light fitting?

All light fittings are classified according to their IP value. These IP values (International Protection or Ingress Protection) indicate the degree of protection of the light fitting against dust and moisture. The IP value consists of two digits: the first digit indicates the level of protection against dust; the second, the level of protection against moisture. The higher the IP value, the higher the protection. Check this diagram to see the different existing IP values.

What does IP44 mean?

IP44 means that this lamp is protected against:
4 : a solid object greater than 1mm.
4 : water splashes from all directions.
Indoor: rated for installation in bathroom zones 2 and 3.
Outdoor: suitable for outdoor use if correctly installed in zone 3 and 4 (see zone diagrams in the gallery).
See our damp-rated lights for bathroom section for more information.

Is the light bulb included?

The light bulb is not included when you buy this light. You will find here the whole selection of LED, incandescent, stick and halogen light bulbs. Take into account that each light needs a specific type of light bulb. You will find the kind of light bulb that it requires under the "Technical Description" tab.

Are the screws included?
No screws are supplied, as the type of screw depends on the material of the wall or ceiling (concrete, brick, plasterboard, wood).
You need a different type of screws depending on each material.