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shoe cleaner with boot jack

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This bootjack and scraper is the most beautiful way to remove muck, mud or grass from your boots, and then take the boots off. Without bending over.
The bootjack is a time honoured part of life in regional areas. Slipping the heel into the gap and pulling to remove neat fitting boots is second nature to boot people all over the world. The combination with the scraper/cleaner in a way that looks great on a verandah or ante room is both a style development and a saviour of floors and carpets wherever there is dirt and mud.

Handcrafted in Europe from oiled oakwood.
The unit measures 55cm x 25cm x 85cm
The bootjack is made from cultivated renewable oak wood treated with linseed oil.
The brushes are from fibres of the Sago Palm - an ecologically sound by-product of sago production.