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outdoor cast iron bulkhead light - Ø 17 cm

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Outdoor lights in cast iron
This wall light by zangra has been given the name Becky. Becky is a stylish lighting solution for your outdoor space. This outdoor light is made of durable cast iron and has an IP54 rating, which means it is protected against dust and water.
This beautiful wall light fixture is made in Europe.
Whether you are looking for functional lighting to keep your outdoor space safe, or decorative lighting to create a cosy atmosphere, the
Becky outdoor wall light by zangra is the perfect choice.
This wall lamp has an E27 socket and therefore accommodates an E27 light

Technical information
The connection is made on the side of the fixture.
You can easily place this outdoor light in series, one next to the other. You will need to buy additional cable glands to easily connect the light fixtures together.

Is the light bulb included?

The light bulb is not included when you buy this light. You will find here the whole selection of LED, incandescent, stick and halogen light bulbs. Take into account that each light needs a specific type of light bulb. You will find the kind of light bulb that it requires under the "Technical Description" tab.

Are the screws included?
No screws are supplied, as the type of screw depends on the material of the wall or ceiling (concrete, brick, plasterboard, wood).
You need a different type of screws depending on each material.

What does the IP value mean on a light fitting?

All light fittings are classified according to their IP value. These IP values (International Protection or Ingress Protection) indicate the degree of protection of the light fitting against dust and moisture. The IP value consists of two digits: the first digit indicates the level of protection against dust; the second, the level of protection against moisture. The higher the IP value, the higher the protection. Check this diagram to see the different existing IP values.

What does IP54 mean?

IP54 means that this lamp is protected against:
5 : dust.
4 : water splashes from all directions.
Indoor: rated for installation in bathroom zones 2 and 3.
Outdoor: suitable for outdoor use if correctly installed in zone 3 and 4 (see zone diagrams in the gallery).
See our damp-rated lights for bathroom section for more information.

What does E27 mean?

E27 stands for the type of the fitting of a lamp. E27 stands for a 27 mm diameter thread. "E" stands for Edison thread. So you always have to put an E27 light bulb in a fixture with an E27 fitting. E27 is the standard in England and most European countries.
The early light bulbs (remember them?) had a similar screw thread.
Be careful though, because there are also countries where E26 bulbs are the norm (for example in the United States).
If you would like to know which standard applies in your country, check out this page.
Check out here the complete collection of E27 light bulbs by zangra.