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leaves brush

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How to dust your houseplants?

With this double brush, you can easily remove the dust from your houseplants!

Length: 35 cm
Material: pear tree wood and goat hair
Made in Europe

Why is it important to dust your houseplants regularly?

A layer of dust on the leaves of the plants means they do not get enough sunlight. This also means that they do not get enough energy and nutrients. Plants photosynthesise and therefore need sufficient sunlight.
Dusting your plants with this double brush is super handy and makes your plants look fresh again!

Why a goat hairbrush?

Goat hair is naturally soft and gentle and is therefore usually used to make brushes for cleaning or dusting delicate objects. The anti-static properties of goat hair ensure that dust is easily absorbed. A goat hairbrush cannot be used to scrub surfaces, but rather to dust objects to make them shine. Baby hairbrushes are also often made from goat hair, as they are perfect for combing and massaging a baby's delicate head. Wooden brushes with goat hair are very durable and of course biodegradable! They are a perfect ecological alternative to a plastic brush!