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black porcelain surface mounted spotlight Alan - Ø 9.3 cm

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Alan, zangra's porcelain simplicity

Porcelain simplicity in the form of the lighting fixture Alan, produced by zangra. Designed by zangra's co-founder Thierry Donnay, this minimalist cylindrical design embodies the essence of zangra's signature style. Pure and no fuss design.
Alan is designed for indoor use (IP20) and has a GX53 socket into which a GX53 bulb fits.

Find here replacement GX53 bulbs.

What is a GX53 LED bulb?

The GX53 LED bulb is a round, flat light source and has a special fitting with two metal pins. There is a distance of 53 mm between these pins (hence the name). Due to its flat design, this bulb is often used as a light source in a cabinet or spotlight.
Installing our GX53 LED bulb is simple and quick. Thanks to the bayonet fitting, the bulb is held firmly in place with a simple right-hand turn. Replacing it is just as effortless: turn the bulb anti-clockwise to remove it from the fitting, insert the new bulb and turn clockwise until it is firmly in place.

Is the light bulb included?

The light bulb is not included when you buy this light. You will find here the whole selection of LED, incandescent, stick and halogen light bulbs. Take into account that each light needs a specific type of light bulb. You will find the kind of light bulb that it requires under the "Technical Description" tab.