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GX53 LED bulb

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GX53 light bulb

With a brightness of 560 lumens and consumption of only 7 W, this lamp offers powerful lighting that is not only energy-efficient, but also provides long-lasting performance.

What is a GX53 LED bulb?

The GX53 LED bulb is a round, flat light source and has a special fitting with two metal pins. There is a distance of 53 mm between these pins (hence the name). Due to its flat design, this bulb is often used as a light source in a cabinet or spotlight.
Installing our GX53 LED bulb is simple and quick. Thanks to the bayonet fitting, the bulb is held firmly in place with a simple right-hand turn. Replacing it is just as effortless: turn the bulb anti-clockwise to remove it from the fitting, insert the new bulb and turn clockwise until it is firmly in place.