Ivory enamel tableware | zangra
Ivory white enamel colander.
€12.81 enamel.003.004.i

ivory enamel colander

Ivory white enamel bowl.
€6.20 enamel.007.010.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 10cm

Large ivory white enamel bowl.
€11.99 enamel.007.020.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 20cm

Large ivory white enamel bowl.
€20.25 enamel.007.028.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 28cm

Ivory white enamel deep plate.
€16.53 enamel.009.024.i

ivory enamel deep plate - Ø 24cm

Ivory white enamelled cup.
€8.68 enamel.011.006.i.eol

ivory enamel cup - 25cl

Ivory white enamelled cup.
€8.27 enamel.011.006.i

ivory enamel cup - 25cl

ivory white enamelled mug
€9.92 enamel.011.008.i

ivory enamel cup - 40cl

Ivory white enamel teapot.
€26.86 enamel.017.001.i

ivory enamel teapot - 1l

Ivory white enamel kettle.
€38.43 enamel.017.002.i

ivory enamel kettle - 2.5l

Ivory white enamel pitcher.
€28.10 enamel.019.001.i

ivory enamel jug - 2.5l

Ivory white enamel utensil pot.
€23.56 enamel.021.015.i

ivory enamel jar - Ø 11.5cm

Ivory white enamel salad bowl.
€42.57 enamel.036.040.i

ivory enamel bowl - Ø 40cm

Ivory enamel compost bin with wooden handle.
Small compost bin in ivory white enamel with wooden handle.
Ivory enamel toilet brush holder with wooden brush.