Brooches and decorative pins | zangra
Snake brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.001

snake brooch

Blue beetle brooch.
€53.71 blanche.001.002

blue beetle brooch

Red beetle brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.003

red beetle brooch

Lion's head brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.004

lion's head brooch

Heart brooch.
€37.19 blanche.001.005

heart brooch

Pink eye brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.006

pink eye brooch

Silver cat brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.007

silver cat brooch

Tiger head brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.008

tiger head brooch

Tiger brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.009

tiger brooch

Crowned tiger brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.010

crowned tiger brooch

Silver beetle brooch.
€61.98 blanche.001.011

silver beetle brooch

Node-shaped brooch.
€53.72 blanche.002.001

bow brooch

Black flower brooch.
€27.27 blanche.002.002

black flower brooch

Silver snake brooch.
€37.19 blanche.002.003

silver snake brooch

Peacock-shaped  brooch.
€33.88 blanche.002.004

peacock brooch

Hand and heart brooch.
€23.96 blanche.002.005

hand brooch

Lobster-shaped brooch.
€61.98 blanche.002.006

lobster brooch

Heart-shaped brooch.
€25.62 blanche.002.007

love brooch

Colourful pearls brooch.
€30.57 blanche.002.008

colourful pearls brooch

Royal badge brooch.
€23.96 blanche.002.009

royal badge brooch

Bee-shaped brooch.
€27.27 blanche.002.010

bee brooch

€57.02 boutique.026.004

pin - the fly

€18.18 turina.002.003

dot brooch - black