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white porcelain switch - two-way or simple nickel-plated toggle switch

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Porcelain light switch

This switch made of porcelain is part of the « Pure Porcelain » minimalist, timeless and retro collection designed by the Belgian brand zangra. This collection includes light fixtures, light switches and home accessories.
These switches are manufactured in Europe.

Technical information
* Glossy porcelain wall plate.
* Sold with round junction box (Ø70mm x 60mm).
* The switch complies with the NF EN 61058-1 standard and is VDE certified.

This switch can be installed on a two-way or simple circuit.

What is a two-way switch?

Two-way switch, providing control of a light from two locations.
A two-way circuit is an electrical circuit that allows a lamp to be switched on or off from two switches, for example, a switch at each end of a corridor for the same lighting point.

What is a simple switch?

The simple switch, on the other hand, is used to switch a light on or off from a single location in the room (usually at the entrance to the room).

The story behind zangra's porcelain

Soon after being established in 2009, zangra started to successfully cooperate with different porcelain factories all over the world – a cooperation that continues to this day. In recent years, zangra has spent a lot of time in world’s most famous porcelain cities. From Limoges in France to Jingdezhen in China, zangra was able to work at legendary porcelain factories. So in cooperation with the staff zangra created new models and rediscovered old forgotten molds. A number of old molds were put back in production making new pieces. zangra’s porcelain is still produced by hand, piece by piece. This makes each piece unique. zangra's work proved successful with their products being sold all over the world.

Combine your porcelain light switch with a metal outlet - or vice versa!

This range of porcelain switches and sockets was designed by zangra in 2014 and is still a "bestseller" to this day. The production process takes place in a traditional factory in Europe. One by one, each piece of clay is manufactured by craftsmen using a traditional press to form a round plate with a diameter of 10 cm. All these porcelain plates are dried, fired and glazed, one by one, by hand. Due to the overwhelming success of this product, the designers of zangra decided in 2021 to expand the collection with identical outlets and switches in metal. This makes it possible to combine your porcelain light switch with a metal outlet (of identical size) or vice versa. Zangra's metal collection of switches and outlets is available in ten different colours! So "mix and match" the colours to suit your style! If you prefer to keep it sober, you can combine the white porcelain collection with white metal. This also applies to the black porcelain collection that can be combined with black metal.