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white bakelite multi-circuit double toggle switch

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We are pleased to present this collection of bakelite switches.
Bakelite is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and it is also an ideal material for electrotechnics.
Bakelite was developped at the beginning of the 20th century by the belgian chemist Leo Baekeland and is known for its high resistance to extreme temperatures, its stability as well as its great electrical insulation.
Up to the 60s, bakelite was used for creating and developping many technical inventions, such as the phone or the radio.
The first disc, invented by Thomas Edison for sound recordings , was also made of bakelite.
However, bakelite was gradually replaced by thermoplastics, of a lower quality but also a lower production cost.

Today, some factories have re started the production of bakelite in order to offer a quality alternative to thermoplastics, using traditional molds and knowledge.

This switch allows two different lamps to be switched on from the same switch, for example, in the case of a chandelier.
This switch is installed if you use one switch for two lamps (e.g. also used for a chandelier). Supplied without back cover. To be ordered separately.

Product made in Europe.
Porcelain mechanism support.

Works well with junction box (Ø 70mm, depth: 60mm)