Warehouse lampshade 2nd choice - ø 40 cm | zangra

warehouse lampshade 2nd choice - Ø 40 cm


light.045.g light.045.g grey €39.26
light.045.g.bis light.045.g.bis grey + black edge €39.26
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In our 2nd choice section you will find zangra's lighting with minor blemishes, as well as lighting from photo productions, prototypes or discontinued models.
Unfortunately, we cannot address every individual flaw in our 2nd choice lighting. But in general these involve small scratches or irregularities in the surface.

How should I install several pendant lights?
There are several ways to install pendant lamps. You can choose to install different kinds of lamps or several identical lamps. The fabric cables can be wired to a single electrical point or to several independent electrical points. If there is only one electrical point on the ceiling, but you still want to hang several pendant lamps, make sure you choose the right ceiling rose. For example, if you want to wire five lamps to one electrical point, choose a ceiling rose with at least five holes (see here), or a rose with a large opening that can accommodate several fabric cables.
You can find the complete collection of zangra ceiling roses here.
Wherever you want your pendant light to hang, you need to fix an insulator to the ceiling. An insulator is a kind of button with which you attach your cable to the ceiling. You can find several types of insulators on our page dedicated to Lighting Accessories.