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black or white enamel swan neck wall light


light.151.b.041 light.151.b.041 black €79.83
light.151.w.041 light.151.w.041 white €79.83
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Whether it is to light up your living room or a trendy restaurant, this wall lamp will bring an industrial and vintage touch to your decoration.
It consists of a gooseneck arm and an enamelled shade for better light diffusion.
Entirely designed and manufactured in Europe, which guarantees high quality and durability.

Retro collection of enamel products by Eve

Nostalgic about the past? Then Eve's retro enamel collection is for you ! Go back to your grandmother's time with our enamel products, available in several colours.

What actually is enamel?

Enamel is a protective layer of molten glass applied to metal objects to protect them. Enamel is smooth, hard, very hygienic, non-flammable, durable and has a high colour-fastness. The enamel layer protects the metal from corrosion. The enamel layer is applied to the metal by hand. Small superficial irregularities and unfinished edges are a normal consequence of this. Enamel products are sold in different colours. Slight colour differences may occur in a single series. Since the production is largely done manually, these small colour deviations cannot be ruled out. The reason we all are so fond of enamel is very simple. This material is incredibly durable, easy to clean and reminds us of our grandmother's era!

Are enamel products environmentally friendly?

  • Enamel is a good alternative to plastic
  • Enamel is a durable material: enamel is a very strong material that does not break, remains shiny and is colour-fast. If you drop or hit it, it may flake off, but it will never break
  • No chemicals are used in its production
  • Enamel products can last for thousands of years without breaking down

Is the light bulb included?

The light bulb is not included when you buy this light. You will find here the whole selection of LED, incandescent, stick and halogen light bulbs. Take into account that each light needs a specific type of light bulb. You will find the kind of light bulb that it requires under the "Technical Description" tab.

Are the screws included?
This lamp is fixed to the ceiling/wall with a metal bracket. The screws that serve to attach the bracket to the lamp are included. The screws used to attach the bracket to the ceiling/wall are not included because the type of screw depends on the material of the wall or ceiling (concrete, brick, plasterboard, wood).