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trash rack / laundry basket


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The trash rack is a custom stand to support the reusable storage bag and give it a permanent place in your home. It can also support the tote bag (large). Use it to store all sorts of things like recycling, laundry and toys. Lift the bag out of the rack and carry it to wherever you want your stuff to go.

How to use
First, connect the two sides with the small steel connectors. Then, take the short handles from your reusable storage bag and fold them over the two grips of the rack to ensure that the bag will stay in place. Fold the top of the bag over the stand and pull the cord slightly. If you use a regular large shopping bag with this rack, fold the handles over the four corners of the stand and the two grips. The corners and the grips now support the shopping bag.

Collecting and discarding your junk has never been this much fun!
The bag is not provided with the trash rack.

Made from high-quality powder-coated steel.

Rack : 33 x 61 x 42 cm