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Tomado book shelf "Mondrian"


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This original Tomado bookshelf is designed by Adriaan Dekker in 1958 for the company Tomado. Tomado decided to reproduce these popular bookshelfs in Holland recently. So these shelves are a reproduction by the orginal company Tomado and its orginal 1958 design by Adriaan Dekker.

* Iconic 1950s modernist design by Adriaan Dekker
* Powder coated metal frame and shelves
* 2 x wall frames in black epoxy
* 3 adjustable shelves: 1 x blue Epoxy / 1 x yellow Epoxy / 1 x red Epoxy
* dimensions: 70 x 21 x 68 Cm
* Wall fixings not included
* Multiple shelving units can be fitted together to create a custom shelving system
* Ideal for retro decors, vintage interiors and modern living spaces
* Manufacturer: Tomado
* Design Period: 1950 to 1959
* Country of Manufacture: Netherlands