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toilet paper holder Abel - orange

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Abel toilet roll holder
This toilet paper holder is part of zangra's "Feel good" collection and has been given the name Abel. Abel was designed by zangra in Belgium and manufactured in Europe. The 'Feel good' collection, to which Abel belongs, has 9 different colours. This means that you can easily find light fixtures and bathroom accessories in exactly the same colour. This way you can easily give your bathroom or toilet a personal touch!

The effects of colours on our behaviour

When lighting up your interior, the use of colour is essential. Using colour in the home enhances its architecture and has a direct effect on emotions, behaviour and well-being.
zangra has selected a range of intense colours for you and wraps a variety of its iconic collection with a colourful coating.
Opt for a colourful touch in your interior by choosing a "feel good" colour from zangra's new colour palette. Bring on the colour!

Orange in your home?

Orange is an eye-catching colour that is perfect to bring life to your home. Adding a touch of orange will spice up your interior. Orange is a joyful colour, full of energy and stimulating. It brings optimism, encourages creativity and reduces stress.

How high should you hang a toilet paper holder?

You are free to hang your toilet roll holder wherever you want. We at zangra recommend that the toilet paper holder be set between 75 and 95cm above the floor. The ideal distance between the centre of your toilet bowl and the centre of the holder is about 45cm. In other words, approximately 10cm from the toilet bowl. Always hang the toilet paper holder to the left or to the right, but not in front of the toilet bowl.