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fabric power cable - orange

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Are you looking for a coloured power cable with switch and plug?

Discover the wide range of fabric-covered power cables by Zangra, created for tailor-made projects! This power cable has a switch and a plug. Made in Europe.

Technical information
* two-core double-insulated cable
* no ground wire
* indoor use only
* CE-approved
* compatible only with Class 2 devices that do not require ground connection
* total length: 4.5m
* length between plug and switch: 3m

Orange in your home?

Orange is an eye-catching colour that is perfect to bring life to your home. Adding a touch of orange will spice up your interior. Orange is a joyful colour, full of energy and stimulating. It brings optimism, encourages creativity and reduces stress.

Fabric cable collection by Zangra

Zangra has its fabric cables manufactured in European factories to guarantee the highest quality. All cables have the necessary certificates and are made of the best materials. You can choose from over a hundred different colours and a wide range of electrical wires, braided cotton cables, twisted wires, black and white cords...Are you looking for a fabric-covered cable with switch and plug? Or would you like to buy a coloured fabric cable by the metre? Discover here the entire zangra collection.

How do you cut a textile cable?

Always wrap a piece of tape around the cable where you are going to cut it. That way, the fabric cable will not unravel.