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solid shampoo for all hair types

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soap.023.001 soap.023.001 dry hair - orange €5.78 30% €8.27
soap.023.002 soap.023.002 dry hair - vanilla & coconut €5.78 30% €8.27
soap.023.003 soap.023.003 normal hair - fir tree €5.78 30% €8.27
soap.023.004 soap.023.004 greasy hair - lemon €5.78 30% €8.27
soap.023.005 soap.023.005 greasy hair - wild grass €5.78 30% €8.27
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This shampoo bar is composed of various natural ingredients that nourish your hair.
It will gently clean your hair. Very practical to take on-the-go and easy to use, this shampoo is handmade with 100% natural ingredients, mostly certified organic. Both eco-friendly and economical, it will naturally enhance your hair.
Keep in mind that this product is entirely natural and may take a few uses before you see any progress. When used daily, this shampoo bar can last up to five months, provided it can dry properly between uses.

Wet your hair and rub the grooves on your scalp for a few seconds while it begins to foam. Massage into roots and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Sodium cocoyl isethioniate, kaolin, decyl glucoside, cocos nucifera oil, stearic acid, illite, glycerin, abies alba leaf oil, limonene (component of essential oil)

* Natural plant-based ingredients
* Not tested on animals
* Palm oil, sulphate and silicone free
* No plastic bottle!
* Cardboard packaging