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Why a coconut mat?

Coconut mats are made from the hard coconut fibres that surround the coconut. Because of the stiff coconut fibres, a coconut mat is perfect for keeping shoes dry and clean. But a coconut mat is more than that. The material is naturally weather and mould resistant and durable. Coconut mats also dampen sound and are very easy to clean. On top of that, they are also very environmentally friendly, because coconut fibre is a vegetable product, so biodegradable!
In the past, coconut mats were always brown/beige, but now you can also find them with fun prints in all kinds of different colours.

How to clean a coconut mat?

Coconut mats are easy to maintain. Regular vacuuming and tapping is usually sufficient. If you want to clean more thoroughly, you can do that with a stiff brush and a solution of soda and water.
You can also spray coconut mats with a garden hose and then let them dry.

Is a coir doormat an ecological product?

* Coir is a natural vegetable fibre.
* Coir is a renewable and biodegradable material.
* Coir fibre is a 100% natural raw material
* Coir mats are made from fibres from the bark of the coconut.
* A coir mat is a very robust and therefore very durable product.

Why choose a coir doormat with latex backing?

Many coir doormats are sold with a slip-resistant backing made of PVC or vinyl. While these materials are cost-effective, they lack natural character, which is a missed opportunity.
At zangra, we strive to provide an alternative. That is why we decided to develop doormats with a thin latex backing.
Our choice of latex has several advantages.
First of all, latex is a natural material, extracted from rubber trees, which fits with the sustainable and environmentally conscious values we cherish at zangra.
In addition, the latex backing offers excellent grip, so you can still count on the slip-resistant properties you are used to!