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brass double door handle

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shipped within 4-6 weeks


Our collection of Bauhaus-inspired door handles is the result of an in-depth stylistic and historic research. Their minimalist and timeless style makes them the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. A must-have for interior design!

The quoted price is for a set of 2 brass door handles, 2 brass covers and the necessary screws.

This set is sold with a spindle of 7 x 7 mm (French standard) and contains an extra sleeve to increase the thickness of the spindle from 7 mm to 8 mm (standard for the rest of Europe).

What are the properties of brass?

Brass is an alloy consisting predominantly of zinc and copper. Brass is significantly more yellow than pure copper and bronze. It is a material that has always been appreciated for its resistance and its colour close to that of gold.
Brass resists moisture and does not rust, and is easy to maintain. Over time, the glossy surface will tend to oxidize naturally and become verdigris (greyish-green). This is a natural process of brass ageing and does not constitute grounds for complaint or is something covered by the warranty.