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paper pot press

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The potmaker is a tool to turn strips of old newspaper into biodegradable pots for seedlings and cuttings. With this tool you will have an endless supply of starter pots!
Pots are sturdy and remain intact even as the young plants grow and roots penetrate the newspaper. When plants are ready to transplant, just plant the pots and all into your garden. The newspaper will naturally decompose in the ground.

How to use
1. Tear a strip of newspaper 16cm wide and approx. 40 cm long.
2. Fold strip in half along the length.
3. Roll strip around the press with the folded edge at the top of the cylinder (paper will overhang the bottom of the press).
4. Holding the rolled paper, scrunch the bottom edge and tuck it inwards under the press.
5. Align with the base of the press. Push down firmly with a twist to crimp the paper pot base. Slide the pot off the press.

* Wood from well-managed forests
* FSC certified beech wood from responsibly managed forests
* Sustainable product that gives a second life to paper and avoids plastic pots
* Recyclable cardboard packaging
* Made in Europe

What does the FSC abbreviation mean on my product?

FSC stands for "Forest Stewardship Council". It is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. FSC certifies forests around the world to ensure that they meet the highest environmental and social standards.
When you buy an FSC product, you can be sure that it will not harm our forests.
Deforestation is a serious problem that is destroying forests and jungles around the world. Fires, agriculture, cattle ranching and logging are some of the main causes of increasing deforestation.
With FSC forest management, ecological, social and economic aspects are all taken into account. As a result, there is much less negative impact on the environment, the forests and the animals that live there.
By buying FSC-certified products, you encourage companies to opt for responsible forest management.