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Which cat litter is the best to buy?

Did you know that cat litter is made of 100% organic, super absorbent, natural clay? The clay binds to the urine and faeces and makes lumps that you can easily scoop out. The cat litter is therefore not only handy, but also needs to be replaced less often and is therefore economical in use. The added organic oils ensure that the odour is reduced to a minimum. You can easily sctter this cat litter from Yarrah in your garden as fertilizer and mix it with the sand.

How to use the clay-based clumping cat litter?

  1. Cut off a long enough corner of the cat litter bag and pour at least 10-15 cm into a clean litter box.
  2. Remove the clumps daily with a suitable shovel. For best results, add cat litter regularly until the level of the litter remains at 10-15 cm.
  3. Throw the granules in the rubbish, NEVER IN THE TOILETS. This clumping litter can be mixed with soil in the garden as a natural fertilizer.
  4. Store the bag in a dry place

Is clumping clay-based cat litter eco-friendly?
*This cat sand contains no chemicals, detergents or perfumes.
*It is produced from organic farming
*Yarrah BIO clumping litter can be mixed with soil in the garden as a natural fertilizer

Clay cat litter
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