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organic black soap spray

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This ecologic black soap is ready to use thanks to its spray bottle container. The soap is made following a centenary recipe in which all the ingredients simmer for days in a kettle.
It is an excellent all-purpose cleaner for your home and a repellent against aphids and red spiders.
99.6% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
100% plant based
Certified by Ecocert.
This product has been used in France for more than 100 years. The soap removes grease and stains.

“Savon noir” was developed around 1900 and farmers have been using it ever since to clean their tools. The soap is suitable for all the cleaning chores in and around the house.

Maintenance of stone floors
This soap is adequate to maintain stone floors. In France stone floors in churches are traditionally cleaned with “savon noir”.

Repellent against aphids, cochineal and red spiders
Mix “savon noir” and water in a spray bottle and spray the plants (roses). A thin layer will stay on the leaves preventing insects to grasp onto them.

Pet shampoo
"Savon noir" is a 100% natural and unscented shampoo for animals. It cleans the fur and nourishes the skin.

"Savon noir" cleans leather and makes it shiny again. Wet a cloth with a little bit of “savon noir” and rub softly. Remove the excess soap with a clean wet cloth and rub again with a dry cloth.

Dissolve a little bit of “savon noir” in warm water and soak the silverware in it for 5 to 10 minutes. Let it dry without rinsing.

Window cleaner
"Savon noir" is a natural detergent for windows. Adding a dash of it in warm water will be enough.