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natural horn soap dish

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Handmade natural horn soap dish

Eve, zangra's owner, had this collection of horn soap dishes made in Kenya by craftsmen with incredible know-how and with respect for the local population.
Contact with various cultures and local craftsmen by travelling around the world, fuelled Eve's long-time passion for handmade products even more.
Each soap holder is unique with a different colour.

How to care for items made from horn?

To prevent the horn product from drying out, rub it with cooking oil. 
Horn products are not dishwasher-proof and should not be put in hot water. Clean your horn items in lukewarm running water without soap or solvents and dry off the items directly. Do not soak horn items in a tub and never allow them to sit for prolonged periods in fluids, e.g. jams, salads, water or dressings.
Avoid leaving horn items in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
Correct care is important to ensure a long life for your horn items. Even though horn is a hard and beautiful material, it can be damaged by water, heat, and soap.

Eco-friendly ?
* Biodegradable
* Natural product
* Handmade in Kenya
* Fair trade product
* Durable and fair trade materials
* Kenyan Maasai handicraft