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What's a CEE 7/7 plug?

This plug is a mix of a type E plug and a type F plug. To bridge the differences between Type E and Type F plugs, one plug has been designed to fit both types at the same time. A CEE 7/7 plug has a hole where the earth pin of type E plugs fits, and two metal tabs at the top and bottom to make contact with the earth of type F plugs.
Officially, we call this plug a CEE 7/7 plug.
This plug is the standard used in the countries listed below under type E and type F.


What is a type E plug?

Type E plugs are used in Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Tunisia and Morocco. The pins of type E plugs are 19 mm long and spaced 19 mm apart. A type E plug has a hole in which the earth pin of the socket fits.

What is a type F plug?

Type F plugs are used in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Eastern Europe, as well as in some African, Asian and South American countries. The most common outlets in Europe are type F outlets, also called Schuko (from German Schutzkontakt). Type F outlets are similar to type C, but with two metallic clips on top and below to earth the appliance. We also called this earthing or grounding. This kind of outlet is round with two notches on the left and right side.
Read here what kind of plugs and outlets are used in your country.

Which power cord to use for a CEE 7/7 plug?

This plug is suitable for connecting a three-pole cable. In principle, a two-pole cord can also be used, but as the grounding wire is missing, the appliance will not be grounded.
See the collection of two- and three-pole power cords here.

When to use an earthed plug?

In bathrooms and humid rooms, it is best to use earthed plugs. The same applies to appliances with metal parts, as the risk of short circuits is higher.