household soap

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This household soap will make your household a little greener! This natural soap contains organic coconut oil and rapeseed oil and can be used for various household jobs.
The soap lasts for a very long time, but is not recommended to use for your body. This household soap is not designed to moisturize your skin, so your skin might feel a little dry after use.

What can you do with this household soap?:
*The dishes! Make soapy water or brush your dishwashing brush along the soap.
*Soap for cleaning your kitchen, window sills... You get it.
*As a base for your homemade, natural detergent.

Eco friendly?
This soap is vegetable-based
Not tested on animals
Made with love
Without palm oil because of its impact on animals and the environment.
About 75% of the soap consists of organic ingredients.
Plastic-free packaging

Soaped coconut oil*, soaped rapeseed oil, water, ethereal eucalyptus oil and ethereal lemon oil
* = organically produced