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handmade felt slippers dark grey

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This product is developed by Zangra. Zangra's collection of natural felt slippers!
Felt slippers keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer!
Wear the felt slippers barefoot as pure wool is soft.
Made out of a single piece of molded felt.
Non itchy wool, breathable and comfortable!
Natural sheep wool used for felt shoes take up and dry out moisture, hereby staying dry. Such dry warmness is reported as healing if a person catches cold.
Curative properties of sheep wool anticipate wound and fracture healing and prevent inflammatory conditions.
Dry wool warmth relieves nervous tension.
If to put felt shoes on bare feet, it will give effect of massage- due to micro-pricks of wool threads, and by friction of feet and wool it creates electrostatic field, which provides good blood circulation. It means that felt shoes are irreplaceable when feet ache.

Made from eco-friendly natural wool
Sole with non-slip studs.
Model for men and women.