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glass spray bottle

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Using natural and eco-friendly skincare products is very easy.
While plastics gather in the Pacific Ocean and chemicals still pollute our water and soil everyday, one bottle and a few natural products are enough to no longer take part in this ecological disaster.

This reusable glass spray bottle, made from clear glass, can be used to make floral waters and other liquid preparations.
Lid made of beech wood with a seal for the proper preservation of cosmetics.

Recipe of homemade lavender and chamomile face mist
1. Add 3 tbsp distilled water,with 2 tbsp hazel, 2 tbsp rose water, 1 tbsp vegetable glycerin, and some essential oil to your glass spray bottle.
2. Shake well to combine, then store in a cool, dark cabinet for up to one month, or in the fridge for up to three months.

* Glass is an inert material that is easy to clean
* Durable product
* No chlorine, phthalate or bisphenol.
* Made in Europe
* Reusable