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glass jar with interchangeable tops


kitchen.179.250 kitchen.179.250 Jar 1 without lid - 250 ml €2.31
kitchen.179.500 kitchen.179.500 Jar 2 without lid - 500 ml €2.73
kitchen.180.001 kitchen.180.001 Lid 1 - grater €7.67
kitchen.180.002 kitchen.180.002 Lid 2 - slicer €8.93
kitchen.180.003 kitchen.180.003 Lid 3 - flower/scented stick holder €5.04
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shipped within 1-2 days


Interchangeable lids for your glass jars.

Each lid has its own function and can be combined with one of the two jars we offer, but they also fit any other jar with a standard opening of 7 cm.
Do you still have some old jars in your kitchen cupboard? Then check whether the opening is 7 cm and choose your favourite lid!
The jars and stainless steel lids can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Upcycling is on the rise!

1. Choose a container
Jar 1: 250 ml
Jar 2 : 500 ml

2. Choose the lid (all lids fit both the 250 ml jar above and the 500 ml jar)
Lid 1: grater for cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, citrus peel, etc.
Lid 2: slicer for parmesan, chocolate, cheese, truffles, etc.
Lid 3: flower vase / holder for perfume sticks / incense sticks

Is this glass jar an eco-friendly product?

* Glass lasts for years and is easy to maintain
* Sustainable product
* Reusable
* No plastic
* The lids are made of INOX 18/10 stainless steel
* Give your old jars a new function by combining them with one of our lids!