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glass carafe with filter - 800 ml

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This bottle is ideal for storing in your fridge door. The bottle includes one binchotan filter. Binchotan charcoal has an incredibly porous surface with tiny cavities oriented in many directions. It is also known as active carbon, as the ions of contaminants are attracted to the surface of the carbon, where they will be held. It is also to release minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium back into the water, which enhances its taste and health benefits. If you are using your binchotan with the this bottle and fill it up once a day, then it should last three months. You are then able to recharge it by boiling it in water for ten minutes and leaving it to dry in sunlight. After that, you can use it for another three months.

The sustainably sourced cork coaster will catch any drips of water when you put the glass back on top (and save your work top from water marks) and also makes it a pleasure to interact with when placing the glass carafe down on a hard surface.

Sold with its filter. Charcoal also sold individually.

* Made from hand blown soda glass (dishwasher safe)
* The cork coaster is not dishwasher safe.