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four-poster bed


home.041.001.w home.041.001.w white metal structure 170x223x220 cm €2,800.00
home.041.001.b home.041.001.b black metal structure 170x223x220 cm €2,800.00
home.041.002.b home.041.002.b black wooden bedspring 160x200x6 cm €300.00
home.041.002.w home.041.002.w white wooden bedspring 160x200x6 cm €300.00
home.041.003 home.041.003 mattress 160x200x25 cm €1,070.00
home.041.001.02.w home.041.001.02.w white metal structure 190x223x220 cm €2,800.00
home.041.001.02.b home.041.001.02.b black metal structure 190x223x220 cm €2,800.00
home.041.002.02.b home.041.002.02.b black wooden bedspring 180x200x6 cm €370.01
home.041.002.02.w home.041.002.02.w white wooden bedspring 180x200x6 cm €370.01
home.041.005 home.041.005 mattress 180x200x25 cm €1,215.00
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The concept of this four-poster bed is to sleep almost suspended inside a design object. Two small slits above the headboard allow for the housing of LED lighting.
The white sideboard conceals the support structure for a wooden bedspring and a mattress. Being a product of superior craftsmanship, it is easy to adapt to any size of bedspring and mattress during production.

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Metal structure: 168cm x 223cm x 219cm
The structure is of painted metal (personalizable RAL colour) and is easy to assemble.
Colour of the bed in the photo is RAL 9010 (pure white).
Equipped with LED lighting technology. LED right and left (300 + 300 lumen). Dimmer included.
Packing dimensions: 50cm x 250cm x 50cm.

Wooden mattress support structure 160cm x 200cm x 5cm (optional)
Mattress with antibacterial fabric (removable and washable) and 800 individual pocket springs 160cm x 200cm x 25cm (optional)

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